Early Summer (almost!)

This part of summer is my favorite.  It is actually not officially summer for another week but this part of June is my favorite part of the season.  It is usually  not too hot yet, the garden starts to grow in earnest and early local foods finally become available. 

Right now where I live, it is strawberry season.  The season here is not long and it is even shorter this year due to having such a cold and dry spring.  Last week we got over 2 inches of rain and it got very warm so from what I hear, the strawberry fields have exploded in a sea of red!  (In a good way though!)  Sadly I did not have time to pick this year and my own plants were just planted so they didn’t produce.  i shopped around and found a vendor who had berries for jam at a reduced price – just what I was looking for. 


I bought 16 quarts (two flats) which is my usual purchase each year.  Maybe next year I will be able to pick them from my own patch! 


Meanwhile, my garden is doing well.  All the rain has made it very muddy though so I haven’t been able to weed it.  I sank up to my ankles in mud!  Finally I have seedlings for everything I have planted.  The potatoes are really happy…


I hope we get a lot of potatoes because we eat them often.   And they taste so good right out of the garden!

The kids are out of school now and we are settling into our summer routine.  Last night they were playing outside when we found this little frog…


I think he was a tree frog because of his round, sticky toes… that and he seemed to like to perch on the end of a finger or on an arm.


I hope for warm weather for all of you and that you’re able to enjoy this early part of the season!


One thought on “Early Summer (almost!)

  1. You have a new blog layout! So simple and beautiful. I´m so happy for you 🙂 And those strawberry photos…delicious! Because of cold spring I juts heard today that strawberry season is late in Finland. About two weeks I read. So we have to still wait couple of weeks to taste them here.

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