Notes from my garden

Today was the day for me to go to the local garden center to buy some shrubs, flowers and tomato plants.  As I was walking through the rows and rows of plants looking for what I was thinking about, I realized that one of my favorite things about gardening was feeling the sun on my back.  After such a long, miserable winter and a cold and dry spring, it just feels so good to be warm.

Today the flowers got some attention.


It was windy as usual but warm enough for a tank top which felt wonderful.  After I finished the front bed I went around to the back and gave the forget-me-nots a break from the weeds.  They have mostly gone to seed now but there are still a few blossoms.


My vegetable garden gave me a surprise yesterday!  Guess what this is!


This is a little tiny purple potato plant! I was so happy to see these coming up the other day.  For a long time nothing seemed to be happening.  It is rewarding to see things grow!

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