Signs of spring

Today we finally had a warm, sunny day.  After the kids came home from school we decided to enjoy some of the warmer weather and sunshine.  I cleaned up a bit of one of the flower beds that had thawed, I hadn’t gotten to taking care of it last fall.  I was so surprised to find these!  (I only had my phone camera out today, not the Nikon, so the quality of these photos is not the best!)  They are going to be early blooming tulips.


The kids found some water shooters from the summer and were very good at not shooting one another when I asked.  Although there could have been a little fallout…


I shoveled the last bit of snow off the deck, then got out one of the patio chairs so I could sit in the sun for a few minutes.  It’s so good to have these days in the late winter!   I brought out the knitting because I thought I might get a chance to sit, but my daughter got me doing other things.  I hope there are signs of spring where you live!



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