Butterflies in Bloom 2013

Yesterday I started a new volunteer job – at Dow Gardens in Midland, Michigan.  This is a wonderful place to visit if you live in Midland or are there for a visit.  From now until April 21, they are hatching butterflies in their conservatory and I am one of the people who is working the exhibit!  A friend of mine has worked there for the past four years and I am working there with her.

I got some lovely photographs yesterday, once my camera lens recovered from the 27 degrees F (-3 degrees C) outside to 90 degrees F (32 degrees C) with nearly 100% humidity inside!  They are tropical butterflies so the conservatory is kept very warm and humid for them.  It feels good when it’s so cold out but it takes a while for the camera to warm up.

Zebra Longwing

Orchard Swallowtail


Yellow Mormon

Blue Morpho

Grecian Shoemaker – male

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