A sigh of relief

Finally I have a full quiet day.  For longer than a week, I’ve been taking care of sick people.  Everyone in my house was sick!  And yesterday was a snow day.  Finally today I can breathe!  I have a lot of housework to catch up on, but I decided that would wait.  I have been feeling so exhausted and run down for the past few weeks that I decided I needed a day to rest. 

So what better way to get rest than to knit some Estonian lace!  Yes, I am sure that was your first thought too.  I’m so tired, why don’t I knit lace.  Sounds like a good plan!Image

I have been wanting to knit this little scarf for a long time and I finally decided I had a large enough block of time, plus a quiet house.  So I pulled out some lightweight white wool and cast on.  Lily of the valley is not only the flower for the month of May (my birthday month) but it is a flower I love not just for the looks but for the wonderful scent!  Plus I found I was able to conquer very easily a stitch that had struck fear into my heart – the nupp for any of you who have tried to knit lace or who have contemplated it.  I will be expanding on this at Finngarian Knits.  

What are you doing to nourish your soul today?



2 thoughts on “A sigh of relief

  1. Today it was belly dance and knitting and a little writing to nourish my soul…then celtic music and hopefully conversation with adult women who know me;-). Thank you for adding to my project list…I wondered what I might blog about when I catch up to my current projects…but I’m sure there will always be another project waiting…not to mention the stash yarn that will need to be used up…never mind, it’s knitting, the possibilities are endless;-)

  2. This all sounds wonderful… even if I’m not sure what to knit for a short period of time, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly I can find something inspiring! Have fun 😀

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