It’s the little things, right?

Everyone in my house has been sick, with the exception of me.  Which is a good thing, because someone has to take care of everyone!  I am very thankful that I’m healthy, although I am feeling a little bit run down from so many nights with poor sleep.  I had a rough night with my son the other night due to an earache, so we went to the weekend clinic yesterday.  Then today my daughter came home from school with an earache!  We will see the doctor tomorrow for her.  This equals one stressed out mama!

Today I felt an overwhelming urge to open all the windows, even though it was only about 37 degrees F (about 3 degrees C) outside.  I can hear my mother telling me to stop heating the outside!  I did turn the furnace off and because of the afternoon sun, the house didn’t cool too much.  The other thing I did was hang all the blankets from the beds outside to be in the sunshine and get aired out.  All of the beds got clean sheets.  I still have quite a bit to do inside the house but today it was sunny and warm for this time of year.  I wanted to take advantage of that because we are supposed to have snow again tomorrow.  

When my daughter came off the bus she thought I was crazy for using the clothesline in the winter.  But it felt good to look outside and see this, knowing that the bedding will all smell fresh too.



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