Six years ago today, after several days of on and off labor, my daughter Sophie came flying into the world.  And she has been running headlong into everything ever since!  It feels a bit strange to me to be out of the little kid stuff now.  Toddler sizes have been replaced by big girl clothes, baby toys have been replaced by Barbies and Polly Pocket.  Preschool by getting on the big yellow bus to kindergarten.  It’s OK though, while the passing of time is bittersweet, I am enjoying the people they are becoming, now that they can share their thoughts with me and I with them.

ImageI was baking bread and she decided to “help”… she takes after her mother and likes to play with, and eat, dough!

I love to be out in nature and I enjoy taking photos even more.  I am also an avid weather-watcher and we have our weather station set up to send data to the NOAA.  On the day Sophie was born, it was only about 10 degrees F (about -12 degrees C).  She was born in the morning and it was a very sunny day despite the cold.  Today it is about 36 F (about 2 degrees C) and the foot of snow we got a couple of weeks ago is melting quickly.  I am glad I got the chance to try my ski boots on the weekend!  I shouldn’t worry though because tonight it will be back to a hard freeze again and we might get a bit more snow.

Here are some photos of our February thaw.


Maple tree and the “lake”


The other lake and the neighbor’s driveway.  If we get a lot of rain or a heavy melt, the lake floods their driveway.  It is quite windy this morning and when the wind blows across the surface of this puddle it really does look like a lake!


I went to investigate the smaller lake and found about an inch of water floating on top of the ice.  I am thankful I did not slip and drop the camera!  Sophie will be happy to know that her skating rink is now properly flooded and will be ready for use tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. Happy Birthday Sophie! This is one little girl I was completely enchanted with from the moment I first met her. You’ve got two amazing treasures!

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