Snow Days

This is the time of year for canceled school.  The kids had no school on Friday, due to having gotten a foot (about 30 cm) of snow the night before!  That day the kids played outside 3 times and the snowblower was broken so we had to shovel the driveway by hand.  Yooper Scoop to the rescue – made for fairly easy work.  That and the snow was very light.  We had a couple of good outings on the weekend, sledding Saturday morning and a short hike (1 mile or so) around the Shiawassee Wildlife Refuge in the afternoon.  Last night we got rain and warm temps which started melting the snow, and surprise, no school again today.  Our road is busy so it’s fine, but other roads are very icy from the rain having landed on roads that were packed with snow and ice from Friday.  So today the kids are doing their valentines and I might do some baking, I want to try making some crackers.  We all like them but the boxed ones are so full of chemicals and stuff I don’t think we should be eating.

Over the weekend I found this blog called SaimaaLife.  It’s written by a lady living in Finland and after spending quite a bit of time reading it, I can say that type of life really appeals to me.  She is also mom to two little ones and has a beautiful garden, she forages for wild foods when they are available and spends a lot of time in nature, year ’round.  Her blog makes me want to visit Finland even more.   She is currently blogging 365 Days of Well-Being – daily posts on bringing more peace into your life and family.  Her blog is full of recipes that are very familiar to me.  The blog is in English so no worries about translating.  Have a look and leave a comment!

Now here are some photos I’ve taken recently that I’m pretty happy about.  Enjoy!



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