First week of cooking with Jamie

This week went very well!  One thing I have learned was even if a recipe doesn’t sound all that great, do try it!  I was very pleasantly surprised at some of the flavors and combinations that came out of my kitchen this week.  A spritz of fresh lemon or lime can really make all the difference in how food tastes, which must be why a lot of chefs use it.

The other three meals I made besides the steak were a tomato pasta dish, chicken chow mein and chicken korma.  The pasta dish was very simple, it pretty much illustrated how unnecessary it is to rely on jarred spaghetti sauces.  Just a few ingredients and if you start the pasta water first, the sauce is done well before the pasta even hits the water.  Very fresh and tasty, and GARLICKY, whew!  The only problem is that my family likes a lot of sauce and this made a scant amount.  That’s OK with me but everyone else complained.  The chow mein was really good, had a lot of vegetables and greens and was seasoned very simply.  Even my son (the pickiest of us all) ate some of the noodles and liked it.  The chicken korma was a little scary at first.  We like Indian food here but my past couple of attempts at cooking it were not so good.  I hoped that since the Brits love their curries, that this recipe would be great.  I followed it right to the letter and it was fantastic!   I will now be a lot more trusting of the rest of the curry recipes in this book.

Once again the book I am using is Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Food Revolution.  I see on Amazon that I have the first edition, the reprinted one has a different cover and I’m not sure if the recipes are the same or not.

On tap for this week:  Sweet and sour pork, Moroccan stewed fish, Camembert Pasta, Curry Biriani and Cracking burgers!


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