Funny girl talk

I was snuggled in bed with my daughter this evening, getting her settled for the night. She started asking me questions.

“Mama, do you like white?”
“Do you like pink?”
“Do you like purple?”
“Do you like yeyo?”
“Do you like green? Pretty green?”
“Do you like blue?”
“Do you like red?”
“Do you like me?”
“Yes, very much!”
“Do you like your eyes?”
Then, after this nice long talk about telling her what I liked, she said, “Do you like poking?” and poked me in the eye! Then I replied, “No!! I do not like poking at all! Don’t poke eyes! It hurts!” That resulted in a bunch of giggling, a bunch more silly questions about what I like, what I don’t like (specifically poking, again), and lots of hugs and snuggles before we turned out the light.

I couldn’t have guessed that girl talk at bedtime would involve eye poking, but it did.


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