April What? Brings May What?

I think someone got the order of the seasons mixed up and sent the wrong weather.

Spring down here this year has reminded me largely of spring in the UP.  Short.  Winter = long, summer = somewhat short, fall = about 2 weeks, and spring = short.  Winter has gone on and on.  And on.  AND ON.  And on.  Last year, if you look back, we had crocii blooming at the beginning of March.  I am JUST NOW getting the first of our spring flowers.  NOW.  We have had ONE day where it got up to 65.  That was the ONLY day in the 60’s.  We got snow last weekend, and it only lasted a little longer than a day, but it was snowing so hard and in such furiously large clumps, that it was thundering.  At this point I really want winter to go away, desperately.  Just. Go. Away.

All the signs are here though. We have robins, and redwing blackbirds.  The seed catalogs have been pouring in for months.  I’ve had tulip and daffodil shoots coming up for at least a month now.  The summer camp information has arrived in the mail.  SUMMER CAMP.  Did you hear that?  SUMMER!!!  Yet I cannot ditch my wool socks, and I so desperately want to dig out all my summer clothing and see what still fits, you see I have lost 20 pounds now in total and I probably need new summer clothing.  But I am not going to start buying it until I can see that I really need to wear it.

Just to end this post on a positive note.  Last week was spring (HEAR THAT?? SPRING!!!) break and we spent most of the week in western Kentucky.  We had never been there before and it is a beautiful place!  We really enjoy ourdoorsy stuff and there are a lot of caves near Bowling Green.  We went to Mammoth Caves National Park (our first national park!) and explored a smaller place called Lost River.  It is a day’s drive from here, so not a bad trip… I do enjoy visiting the south very much although it would be nearly impossible for me in the summers… when it hits 85 here I want to puke so I can’t imagine it being worse.  They are having a late spring there as well, yet folks were still talking about putting their gardens in.

Which brings me back to, April what?  Snow?  Brings what?  May misery?  Come on, Mother Nature.  I know you can do better than this!



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