We have a 4 year old, and attemps at spring

On February 19, our daughter turned 4.  There are always the frustrating parts, but the good bits are great.  She can get her own drink of water, and dress herself most of the time.  She got a lot of barbies from her grandparents and aunt, and has discovered she loves to play with them.  She is so very sweet and demonstrative of her love for me, multiple times a day she comes up to me for hugs and kisses and lots of “I love you Mama!”  She can build a small jigsaw puzzle by herself and has started to learn to write her name.  She loves doing projects and happily makes friends with everyone.  Right now both kids are going to swimming classes and they love it!  It’s so wonderful and amazing watching them master this new skill.

Winter here has grown long in the tooth.  I heard this was the second highest snowfall on record and it is not letting its icy grip go anytime soon.  Since the blizzard we had about one day when it was 50 degrees, then that was promptly followed by another 8+ inch snowfall and another cold snap where nothing really melted.  We have had temps in the mid 30’s at best, and not nearly enough sun, so there is still quite a lot of snow here at my house.  Even with the return of the robins and red-wing blackbirds, even with the small shoots of daffodils and early tulips, you would never guess spring was just days away by experiencing our weather.  I will be more than happy to go get the mail with no coat on, and *gasp* wear my sandals outside.  My poor daughter is desperate to dig in the dirt and find beetles, she has had a lot of sad faces after poking the frozen ground with a shovel and declaring “None beetles!”

This week we did some dog sitting for a family member when they were out of town.  She is a nice dog, very calm and great with the kids.  We all enjoyed having her here and I am thinking it won’t be long now.  I am going to be kind of picky about the breed (blend of breeds preferred, I don’t want a purebred), so I am trusting that the right dog will find us when the time is right.

I have started exercising nearly every day, and this has been a very helpful change for me.  It has lifted the bit of winter blues that had set in, and I am finding myself feeling and looking better.  This is a good change for us because the kids need to see their mom caring for herself and setting a good example for them.  I will be so happy when we can go for long walks in the woods without coats.  At this time of year it always seems like winter will never go away!  But I need to have faith in the birds, flowers and fat buds on the trees, they reassure me that it’s really not far off.


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