Status Post Blizzard

I am sure that everyone and their brother is going to, or has already, blogged about the blizzard.  Now that will also include myself!

As many of you already know I am native to the UP of Michigan.  I am also Finnish so I have hardiness in my blood and a good amount of “sisu”.  So a little one-foot snowfall does not phase me in the slightest.  I feel that it’s a “Bad” storm when the snow goes on for days and is measured in FEET, and the heavy snow removal equipment up there (payloaders and such) are pulled off the road.  When M-28 is closed between Marquette and Munising, you know it’s a bad storm.

I was, however, pretty impressed when I opened up the garage door yesterday morning.  There was a drift in front of it that was nearly up to my waist.  We started the snow blower for the first time this season.  My husband blew snow all morning and realized that he was actually blowing it out of our road when he looked back and saw the mailbox way back there!  Our road had 12-15 inches of snow in it!  The county finally came through this morning to plow, but they will still need to make a couple more passes to widen the road again.  Somebody had gone through with a small plow so people could attempt to get out.  Our road intersects with a main road that was kept up pretty well throughout the day.  I shoveled snow 3 different times.  I spent some time clearing out a spot outside the garage door.  The drift was so high that it was taller than the top of the snowblower.  Then I wanted to be sure we could access our back door if we needed, so I spent more time shoveling out that part.  The snow there was easily up past my knees and some was waist deep.

The kids of course had no school yesterday and it was canceled today as well.  My husband’s work closed yesterday which is unheard of.  And anyone who actually made it in was sent home.

It does not appear that we will have thawing temperatures for the next week.  So this will be with us for a while.

We spent the day playing computer games, knitting, reading and napping.  Around snow removal, that is.

I was impressed that we got so much snow so quickly.  And that the storm pulled out as quickly as it did.  If it had gone on another day, I think our whole area would have been shut down completely.  As it were, a neighboring city had totally impassable roads and the authorities were telling people NOT to attempt travel there due to vehicles stuck in the roads and on bridges.

So, for this Yooper, it was another snow storm.  However, I have realized that I have grown accustomed to everyone getting worked up about 4-5 inches.  And it was impressive to see so much snow in our street, even full-sized pick up trucks were having trouble getting through.  But as soon as it moved out of the area, the sun came out and it was fine, except for an extra 12-15 inches of snow on everything!  This concludes my report of the blizzard of 2011.


One thought on “Status Post Blizzard

  1. I know what you mean – I am starting to get used to everyone freaking out over 4-6 inches. Mostly because driving down here in even that is ridiculous! But still, when I walk outside after one of the usual “big storms” down here, it gives me a little giggle.

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