It’s April!

And spring, finally!  It sure has been nice this spring.  It seems like all the flowering plants are flowering early, we’ve had some warm days and a few cold ones but overall it’s been mild.

On the kitchen, I’m happy to say that it’s 95% done.  All we have left now is trim and a little painting and that’s it.  It is a pleasure to work in, and easy to clean, and I enjoy the time I spend in there.  It has taken a while to realize that it’s actually part of this house!  Lots of work but worth it.

The kids are doing fine and we have one month left of school.  It will be very nice not to have to run every other day.  Then in the fall, it will be daily kindergarten – but, he will take the bus!

I have started a photo blog here.  I am attempting to post one photo per day.  Sometimes I keep up with it and other times, every 3 days or so, I play catch up.  But it is forcing me to use my camera more often and think about taking pictures.   I am having fun with it because the theme of that blog changes color automatically based on the picture.

We are looking forward to warmer days, gardening, going to garage sales, going to parks, no schedules and more fun with friends.  Spring always goes so fast and quickly turns into summer, and this year I am ready to be warm.


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