It is finally happening here, a few weeks early, even though the calender says it’s still winter.  We have had beautiful sunny days this past week with highs in the 50’s.  A friend of mine has seen a robin and just today I had a red wing blackbird at my feeder.  The snow is rapidly disappearing and everything is muddy and squishy.  We all got new rubber boots this week.  My daffodils are an inch tall.  It is such a relief to finally see an end to winter.  I know I lived most of my life in much harsher winters than I do now, but normally we get a thaw (or two) but this year we did not get a thaw until now.  So it is more than welcome.

The kitchen remodeling project is almost totally done.  We have picky details left like trim and stuff, and we are still waiting for pantry parts to come in.  Otherwise the floor is finished and it’s wonderful!  I am used to it now but at first, every time I walked into that room I couldn’t believe I was standing in my own house.  Definitely worth the extra effort.  This morning I put all the rest of the demolition materials in the trailer to take to the landfill.  So maybe we can finally clean up the mess we made.  🙂

Since we have spent the past few months really working hard on our house, we decided to take a break this month and spend the night at Zehnder’s Splash Village in Frankenmuth.  The kids are really excited, and we are too!  I just want to be warm.  The hotel and water park are in one complex so it will be great to get there, play in the water, go eat, go back, play in the water, go to bed, get up, play in the water, etc. etc. until it’s time to go home.  Can’t wait!

The kids are doing fine.  We amazingly (knocking on wood) made it through the winter with fewer illnesses than last year.  Even though Will is in preschool and exposed to many more kids, we still didn’t do too badly this year.  I think as the kids are getting older, their immune systems are getting better at remembering things, and they are just better at handling colds and stuff.  Sophie turned 3 years old in February and unfortunately has been going through a funk chock full of tantrums… I think unfortunately it is her temperament…..  I can only hope she gets better at dealing with her emotions as she gets older.  She is pretty much weaned now although she occasionally asks, she doesn’t stay there for long, she is just busy.  I am feeling better about it, or rather, getting used to it.  Finally I have managed to lose some weight and it feels great to be in smaller pants.  (Even though I’ve got a REALLY long way to go, one has to start somewhere, right?)

Will is going to kindergarten orientation tonight and we are all very excited.  I think he will love it – he will be there every day, all day, and it will be good.  We are in a very good school district and he loves being with other kids… and tends to listen to other adults much better than he does with me.  It is kind of sad in a way but he is ready, and will be more than ready by fall.  Just the normal progression of things.  I, for one, am really ready to move out of this little kid stuff and into the school years.  Not only because it is less intense work on my part, but because the stuff you can do with a kid this age is just so much FUN.  He is full of great questions and I love seeing how his mind works.  I know I am going to enjoy this next phase of mothering.

Other things about spring that make me happy:  Going out to the mail box without a coat.  Spring bulbs.  Playing in the rain.  Greens.  Sugar snap peas.  Asparagus.  Eggs.  Babies of all kinds.  Outdoor birds fighting and being territorial.  Having morning coffee outside.  Watching everything getting green.  Opening the windows.  The smell of my kids’ hair when they’ve been outside for a long time.  Easter candy.  Getting ready to change over the wardrobe.  Longer days.  Sidewalk chalk.  Muddy kids’ clothes by my washer.  Taking a walk without falling on your butt.  These are all good things.


One thought on “SPRING

  1. I was doing some reseach on Finland online and I came across your website. I live in Tawas City, but I grew up in Finland and came to US 1999 for college. I was asked to do a presentation about Finnish language and that is how I came across your blog. Our kids now some Finnish but not much. With our first (who is now 5 years old) I soke only Finnish, but then he had speech delay, and I stopped talking Finnish to him when he was 3 (big mistake) and I was never able to get back to it). Anyways, our kids know few words.

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