Happy February!

It is always good to get to this part of the winter. Even though we have had an unusually cold winter, and the snow we got in early December never melted, it is still nice to see the days getting longer. I will be ready for spring though, when it finally comes.

Our kitchen continues to be a work in progress. We took a little bit of a breather and now are in full swing again. This past weekend we pulled up the old flooring in the dining room and kitchen, and I pulled out about a hundred thousand staples! We are going to put hardwood flooring in both rooms since there is a slightly open floor plan between the two rooms. We are going to get the prefinished stuff but it is the real thing – not Pergo, and not the engineered kind. We really don’t like how either looks and the real thing is so much less expensive! I am excited to get the flooring done, then it will truly feel as though the room is done. We do still need to order a few cabinet parts for the pantry but after that, it’s essentially finished.

This month my daughter turns 3 years old. All at once, she is weaning and potty training! She is catching on to the pottying so much quicker than my son did. In fact I have not had a poopy diaper here in about a month! I think it will be a while before she is out of diapers at night but during the day she does well – hardly any accidents… she even had a fairly long outing yesterday, all in underpants, and stayed dry the whole time. What a big girl! I am still sad about the weaning but I think like any other change, you just get used to it after a while. She is just growing up and the needs met by nursing are now being met in other ways. I am tempted to send her to preschool a couple of days a week next fall but I think I am going to keep her home one more year. We have just not had much one on one time together and I want to take full advantage of my son’s school schedule to have that time with her. She is very patient with a lot of the activities I enjoy and we will have all day to do whatever we want. In our activity-centered world these days I think this is rare but I plan on us both enjoying it.

I have been doing some good knitting and need some pictures – when I get them I will be updating my knitting blog. Until then… Hmm, maybe I’ll go knit. 🙂


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