If I can manage a monthly update to my blog, I think that would be good. I know I have friends who read this but do not facebook and I also do not talk to them on the phone much (like I get phone time anymore anyway!) so I will try to do better with this!

2010 started off with some nice viral illness. On January 1 in the evening, Sophie started with a fever. She had a fever for several days and was miserable, and of course nights were horrid. As her fever finally started to go away and she became more playful, on a whim I decided to take a look in her throat. Her tonsils had nasty looking yellowish patches on them! So I called the doctor and got in for the next day. She seemed to not be feeling bad, but her throat looked terrible and her breath smelled awful so I figured I should take her in.

The next day, amazingly, her throat looked fine. She had slept well, had started eating better and was tired, but overall not acting like a sick kid. How and why, I have no idea, but in any case I was thankful. Not having an extra doctor’s visit to pay for is good!

So that was Wednesday. Jump ahead to Friday. I was a little less than a mile from Will’s school, when the truck lost heat. Then there were huge clouds of white steam everywhere, even coming in through the heater vents! I knew right away I had a bad antifreeze leak so I very gingerly got us to the school parking lot and went in and got my son settled. I called Husband at work and he left work to come fix the truck. I hadn’t done a volunteer day at school for a while so Sophie and I stayed the whole morning and he was done just in time for school to be over. Thankfully it was just a hose and it was easy to reach. We’d replaced the heater core about a month ago and were thankful it wasn’t that.

The kitchen is looking good. I have a little bit of drywall work to finish before I finish painting and the wooden backsplash is up. We need to order flooring and buy knobs, and finish the pantry, then it will be done. We had a big prime rib dinner for family on New Year’s Day, to celebrate the new kitchen and of course the start of a new year.

The other news is that Sophie is doing some hardcore weaning. I think that the longer she goes between nursing, the funkier my milk tastes, which encourages her to not nurse. One one hand, I am very sad. She is most likely our last child, and it is the end of a part of my life that was so very important. I was hoping to get her through the cold and flu season, but I don’t think I’ll be able to. I honestly was concerned she wouldn’t make it to 2 years, and it might be possible she MIGHT make it to 3 years (in February) but it is likely she will be done by her birthday. One consolation is that I am finally losing weight. I am amazed now at how HUNGRY I always was while nursing. I mean hungry like I would wake up in the middle of the night and NOT get back to sleep until I got up and ate. Making milk made me a crazy calorie burning machine but there must be some kind of hormonal thing too that makes some moms hold on to weight. It is slow but I am realizing that I’ve only got about 10 pounds of Sophie weight left to lose, then I work on Will’s. Now I know I was not crazy when I said nursing was keeping the weight on. I am just not very hungry now at all and it is helping. So at least I’ve got that, because otherwise I am really grieving. I will miss this in a lot of ways, it has been a very special time for me as a mother and I am very sad to see this part end. It will be good to have my body back, yes, but otherwise, I am sad. I am glad that my kids are growing out of the baby stuff, but I am sad to be losing this.


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