Scotch Ale

Today I bottled the beer, with a little help from my husband who learned to use the bottle capper. It sure goes faster with two people working! I tasted a little right out of the carboy and it sure has a good flavor, even now when it’s young and newly in the bottles. I am very excited to taste it around October when it should be ready. I might like it even more than the English brown ale I made in the spring.

We had a pretty good weekend. I unfortunately caught a tummy bug my son had. It was weird, because he puked one time at night, then didn’t puke again – but his appetite was terrible and he kept saying his belly hurt. A few days after that, I got very nauseated. I am not a puker and have to be quite sick to puke (the house will be having dry heaves and I have only puked once), but I just sit there feeling nauseated and miserable. Unfortunately since then, I have had annoying (not bad, just annoying and slow to go away) nausea and a poor appetite… some foods have tasted all wrong too. But I think it’s finally getting better.

We went to my husband’s parents’ summer home on Lake Huron for an overnight Saturday night. Had a canoe ride, a bonfire, caught an art and craft show the next day and went to some cool little shops. I talked to a man who had his loom set up, he was making rugs. Got a lead on weaving supplies although I prefer to support my local shop. Went out to lunch, then back to the beach house where I did some reading and took a nap. Got a bunch of knitting done too. It was a good weekend. Just wish I hadn’t been feeling so pukey! Then the weekend could have been just about perfect.


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