Two months since I’ve blogged! I am not sure what happened exactly. I just haven’t really felt much like blogging. Now that the end of summer is here, we have been getting ready for my son’s preschool. He is going to be attending nature preschool which has us all pretty excited. I am looking forward to volunteering, I am able to bring my daughter with me so that will be really nice. His school starts mid September so we have a couple of weeks yet.

I have been trying to implement some aspects of the Flylady program here at home.  It’s a system to help keep one’s home clean and organized.  I do not follow it to a “T” but there are a lot of things I am trying here to see if they help.  Now that I am finally getting better sleep and not feeling so run down, I want to get this house in order.   It is taking a while for the house to really look OK but I figure if I keep picking at it, it will get there.  One of the biggest problems is the toys.  We are talking about taking most of the toys to the basement and setting up a play area down there.  I am a little concerned about friends being here, because there are things down there that I don’t want anyone getting into – such as my husband’s electronic and computer stuff, the Nordic track, the trim we have been staining, etc.  I am sure we will be able to work something out.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have my living room back!

We have also been talking about gutting the kitchen and putting in new cabinets and a new floor.  It needs it badly – half of the drawers are being held together with glue and nails, but the cabinets now are so cheap, they are all particle board and that is just falling apart.  However, it is very expensive, even when we are going to do the work oursevles and we will be frugal with materials.  I do not require new appliances or the fanciest of expensive materials.  I do however want to put cabinets in that will not fall apart like the ones in here now!  When you look at the expense and the time, we really owe it to ourselves to at least put in midgrade cabinets.  We do have a plan drawn up and have gotten some quotes but the cost of it all turns my tummy.  This house does desperately need a new kitchen, should we need to sell at some point, including if and when we build out at the dirt (which is now weeds).

Health wise we have done OK this summer.  I am continuing to not run, because I still have plantar fasciitis pain.  I do miss running.  I plan to get back to it as soon as I can.  I have managed to lose about 10 pounds, because my daughter has slowed up enough with the nursing that my body is finally letting go of some of this weight.   I have a very long way to go, but it is a start and I am feeling very positive about it.  I did get my blood checked at my last doctor’s appointment and that showed no signs of active mono (yay!) and everything else was normal and squeaky clean.

It has been very cool here this summer and that’s great for me, even though gardeners/farmers are probably quite distraught.  In July I had the lowest power bill ever for July.  I am expecting August to be better still.  And that is great, considering we have to keep finding ways to do more with the same salary.   Everything is expensive, food prices have not really improved, except perhaps the price of milk.  Otherwise, it’s the same old thing, with unemployment being 15% now in Michigan.

Sophie is talking up a storm, but continues to be a pretty typical argumentative and tantruming 2 year old.  She has never been easy and she is still not easy.  But there are many times when she is delightful and very loving and sweet, so I try to focus on those times.  I think having a break when Will is in preschool will be good for both of us.  They fight constantly!  Ugh.

Maybe I can keep up with this a little better.  The beer I blogged about a while back turned out great.  I have a kit for Scottish Ale waiting but haven’t gotten a good day for making beer recently.  Now that I’ve done one kit, it shouldn’t be so difficult to start another.  I just need a good chunk of time to do it.


One thought on “Oops

  1. I’m glad your summer is going so well! I hear you about kitchens. We want to redo ours but I can’t stomach the cost either.

    I love FlyLady! I don’t do everything she says, but even doing some of the things has greatly improved things at our house.

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