Plantar fasciitis

I have not been able to run for a long time, not since the end of May, due to having a very small but very sore spot on my arch. I have foot “issues” – they are almost nearly flat (found out about that when I had pain from running track in high school), I over pronate, I have bunions. My shoes have been fantastic and really had prevented the ankle pain I always had when I’d run before, or even walked. I’ve had arch pain before but this time it was just not really getting better. It got to the point where I couldn’t walk on it in the morning and when I put shoes on, it felt like I was walking on a lump!

Off to the doctor I went. It turns out she is a runner too and had just been to this big conference. She gave me a bunch of exercises and stretches – plus motrin for 10 days and rolling my foot on a frozen water bottle. One of my exercises is an activity I enjoy anyway – picking up objects with my toes! I saw her less than a week ago so it’s hard to tell yet if it’s helping. I think that it’s pretty inflamed, and it will take a while to go away. I am not allowed to run at all right now, but I can power walk, which I did the other day. That went well with a lot of icing and stretching. She was also not at all alarmed about my weight gain, she said it was muscle and encouraged me to keep going!

I also had a bunch of blood tests. I have suspected that I never got rid of the mono I got two years ago, and now have chronic Epsteinn-Barr virus. I will find out early this week what, if anything, turned up. It could be still fibromyalgia and it could also be that I just need more time to recover from 5 years of never having enough sleep. Will update on that later!


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