Turning 40

It was my birthday last weekend and I turned 40. I don’t understand why people get all upset about turning 40 (or 30 or whatever) because I really don’t feel any different than I did at 39. Besides, I don’t give a crap what people think about me anymore and that’s very freeing! Here’s to turning 40! It’s good!

The birthday festivities stretched out over a week. Last Friday night I went to a friend’s house (My Big Blue Comfy Couch) for mojitos, then out to a bar for some dancing. Stayed up way too late and was very tired the next day! On Saturday, because it was Memorial Day weekend, we packed ourselves up and drove to my in law’s summer home about an hour away on Lake Huron. It was a nice overnight up there with the family, but for some reason I cannot sleep up there, so again a second night of not enough. By Sunday (my actual birthday) I was pretty tired! But we got home and I opened my gifts – the most interesting being a beer making kit. All the equipment I need to make beer except the ingredients! I’d asked for this because it’s something I’ve wanted to try for a while. I just picked up a kit for brown English ale and I’m excited to get started. Hopefully we have enough bottles, guess we need to finish up that 12 of Bass so I’ll have enough of them!

That evening we had dinner at a local Japanese steakhouse that has good sushi and they cook dinner right in front of you. The kids enjoyed that even though they fussed through dinner! We bribed them with ice cream which helped a little bit! We were too full for cake so the next day (Monday) we had cake. It would have been a lot of candles so I asked my husband to figure out how to do it in binary – which you can see here.


On this past Friday, the girls who couldn’t make it had a brunch for me. I got some wonderful gifts – a nice selection of Bath and Body Works goodies, a gift certificate, and another goody bag filled with incense, candles, candle holders, earrings… wonderful things! I have been wanting to burn more incense and candles and have been trying to create little pockets of things that make me feel good in this house of chaos! It’s time for me to dig out all those things I packed away when I started having babies and put them back out. Anything to create a little corner of serenity. My kitchen window is now a work in progress. I still need to stick some hooks in the soffit so I can hang a few things up. I love windows with glass things hanging in them to catch the light.

I had a very, very good birthday this year. 40 is good and all I can say is that life keeps getting better. It should be fantastic by the time I’m dead!


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