Just updated the building blog

An Adventure in Home Construction has been updated with planting news. Fun! It will be nice when we are actually living out there and we can actually maintain a garden.

Things have been going well here. My husband and son went off to help his parents with some house work this weekend so Sophie and I had some girlfriend time. Except for her couple of bouts of extreme crabbiness at inopportune times, we had a pretty good time. She has been sleeping well (all night long in her own bed – GASP!) and I’ve been feeling a little better. It is taking a really long time for me to actually feel good. But I finally feel like I am coming out of the baby fog and wanting to do little things like wear more jewelry and accessories (now that little hands aren’t always yanking on them) and do more things to make our house look better. It’s a huge undertaking, though, because I have a lot of cleaning to do and that always takes up way too much time!

On the running front, I ran a mile a couple of weekends ago for the first time and this past weekend, I ran our side street two full loops. I was pushing S in the jogging stroller and took a lot of walk breaks but we went about 1.25 miles. (It’s 1.5 miles round trip to do it twice.) I am at a point where the novelty has started to wear off and this is WORK!!! I know I will get stronger and get past this point, and get to a place where a little run down the road feels good and doesn’t feel so much like work. But, I am enjoying the results – I have a little more energy, I am sleeping a little better, I am looking a little better. It’s helping so I’m going to keep doing it. Sometimes I really have to kick my butt out the door but I know if I keep going, I won’t always feel like that.

I have been working on trying to get the flower beds cleaned up here. Boy are they a mess. They have suffered from 4+ years of pregnancy/infant/sleep induced neglect. There is a ton of work to be done but I keep picking away at it and hopefully by the end of the summer (if I don’t totally crap out from the heat) they will be looking OK.


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