Mark this day on your calender

At the age of 2 years and 3+ months, my daughter did the unthinkable. She didn’t take a nap so she fell asleep in my lap around 7:30 pm. I put her to bed just before 8 and shut the door. She slept in her own room, in her own bed, without waking up, without yelling, without fussing, until 7:30 this morning. What, you say? Why, most children are doing this by the time they turn 1. Not my kids!

The other thing that happened today was that I ran a mile. A whole mile, without stopping. My pace is painfully slow, probably a 20 minute mile, but I still ran it and I still did it without stopping, without walk breaks. I haven’t done that in over 20 years. So, while I have managed to maintain the 10 pound weight gain since I started about 6 weeks ago, I can now run a mile. And something else cool happened during that mile. I found my “groove”, just at a point of where my running was comfortable enough that I was relaxed and not dreading the next 10 feet. I felt a couple of small endorphin rushes too and I knew that once I was in my groove, I’d make it the whole mile. I think I could have gone farther but I wanted to take some time to cool down a bit as I had a short walk on a very busy main road to get home. There is a little group of houses down the road here in the woods and their road is dirt, there is almost no traffic and lots of wildlife and a lot of it is shady. I think I will plan to do most of my longer runs in there until it becomes too short. (I actually find that statement a bit funny but then again when I started out running only feet at a time, a mile sounded impossible!)

While I am a little discouraged by the weight gain, everyone who has been here before me is telling me to trust the process. If anything, I am not as hungry as I was before I started running and people keep reassuring me that it will come in time. I cannot imagine being this heavy and running several miles, several days a week and maintaining this weight. Some of it HAS to come off at some point! Geez. I am much better hydrated than I was before and I am still breastfeeding… so I am sure my body is confident there will be a famine any day, and it needs to be sure it can turn my butt into milk. I feel better and I am sleeping a little better so I will keep running, regardless of anything else. It’s a good thing for me right now.


One thought on “Mark this day on your calender

  1. 1) Go Sophie!!!!
    2) I can’t believe you ran a mile! You’re amazing!
    3) “turn my butt into milk” made me laugh out loud, and I was already still laughing over watering electronics and appliances!

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