Mixer on crack

Just a little funny story. I was making cookies yesterday and I love my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I use it for cookie dough all the time because it can handle stiff doughs without a problem. I got my dry ingredients in the bowl and turned it on, LOW. BLAM!!!!!! Flour and cinnamon and baking powder clouds engulfed the kitchen. WHAT the H??? I say, as I shut it off. I gently start it again, and BLAM!!!! Another cloud of dust.

So I then add the oatmeal. I gingerly turn on the switch again, and BLAMO!!!!! Oatmeal bits EVERYWHERE!!!

This is not normal. My sweet Kitchen Aid mixer does NOT shoot oatmeal unless I crank ‘er up to 10 from the get-go. She does NOT do this on 1.

However, it’s been a long, long time since I made cookies. Maybe my memory is not good. So I add the wet ingredients, thinking the wetter, heavier dough would help my mixer to mix things more gently. I am wrong. I cannot get the mixer to slow down and I do not know why. So, I pulse it like one would pulse a food processor just to get the dough together, and I remove the bowl.

There is brownish water all over the counter. At first I thought my beloved coffee dispenser that we just got a few months ago was on the fritz. But, then I look around. It was the plant. I over-watered the plant that is on the shelf over the mixer and it went everywhere. As I turn the mixer around I can see brown water dripping out from the vents around the motor.

I said any number of bad words at this point because one time I fried a TV using the same plant-watering method.

I hesitated to tell my husband about it but then I did anyway. I did not get the razzing I’d expected… since he had given me heck in a handbasket for watering the TV (even though it meant he got to buy a bigger TV!). He said, he was sure kitchen equipment such as that could take a splash.

Thankfully this morning, my trusty Kitchen Aid is no longer on crack. Low speed means low again.

Note to self – do not place plants above any type of equipment that needs to be plugged in.


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