We got the trees in!

I updated my other blog “An Adventure in Home Construction” last night – we got our trees planted this weekend. On Saturday I went for a run/walk with my friend Annie. I ran a total of .44 miles, and if you count the walk break in between runs, it was .64. We went on a 2.1 mile loop and walked the rest of it. It was a nice day, it was windy though but in the mid 70’s. After the run we went to the dirt and met my husband and the kids. There is a big sandy ridge (well, I’d hardly call it anything since it looks flat to me, but ’round here, they are called ridges) in the middle of the field and the kids plopped down there with their lunches and sand toys. We managed to get over 100 put in before we needed a break – Annie (who is the best person EVER) offered to go back out there with my husband to finish up while I put Sophie down for a nap. They got all but about 7 of them planted on Saturday!! We filled Annie with beer and pizza. The next day, the temperature had really dropped, it was only about 48 and very overcast. I went out there myself and planted the last 7 trees and I also put in 10 asparagus plants and 15 strawberry plants. I don’t know how those will do, they are in a good spot, I am hoping they will not get too dry or overheated during our long stretches without rain that we seem to always have. I have 10 strawberry plants left to put in here, I figure once they start making berries, then I can go out and check the plants in the field. Otherwise I will be running out there constantly looking for berries!

Saturday afternoon while my husband and friend were out there, they spotted a huge fire. One of the “neighbors” (I say it loosely since they were probably a mile away) had a pole barn that caught fire and it was a total loss. They were able to see it clearly across the field and watched for about 1/2 hour they said. It was lucky it didn’t catch their house because that’s how the wind was blowing. The fire department went back many times to fill their tankers. Then later the same fire and rescue crew went flying by our house again… looks like the Midland Twp. fire department didn’t get much rest on Saturday.

It is cold and rainy today, I am hoping that is good for everything we planted. We have no way to water anything out there so whatever survives will be tough indeed. I will be excited to see little bits of green as the trees start growing leaves. We still have the 3 fruit trees to plant. They are a lot bigger than the saplings we put in so now there will be room for them in the truck. And we still need to plan on where to put them.

I am stiff and sore and walking around like a clunky old man! I am finally feeling it in my shoulders today. I was planning to run today but I think I will give myself one extra rest day and run tomorrow. I have plans to run with Jodie at Disasters with Yarn next Monday so I need to time my running days to get a rest day in before that.


One thought on “We got the trees in!

  1. I’m so proud of you for running! It’s something I’ve always wanted to try, but I always hate it when I try to start. It’s so wonderful for your body and mind.

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