Back from our travels

My husband’s company had a short term layoff last week to save money so we decided to get out of here for a while. We went back to my home town in Upper Michigan and had a nice time! It was kind of low key, since it’s still almost under winter’s grip up there, almost everything is still closed. But, it was good to see my family and a couple of friends. I was able to run alone this past week because there were other adults around to watch the kids, so one time I went to the gym with Nancy at Running Chick because it was too windy and we ran once outside too. (She ran from her house to my mom’s, ran my pathetic little bit with me, then ran back home!) When I had my outdoor run with Nancy, much to my amazement, I ran 1/4 mile! I couldn’t believe it. I ran a couple of other times after that and made the 1/4 mile mark plus a little extra each time. I still can’t believe how quickly one’s endurance builds.

Other than having dinner out a few times, and hitting the KBC with Nancy (once just the two of us and once with all of us!) it was a nice, quiet break. Like I mentioned, everything is still closed but we had good weather and spent some time just driving around, looking at the lake and driving through my old “stomping grounds” out in Stanton Township.

I did a little knitting but not sure it is worth updating my other blog. I took along a pile of kitchen cotton and made a kitchen towel and a couple of dishcloths but that was all. It was just nice to be home for a while. We couldn’t get WiFi at my mom’s so I used my phone for the internet! It was very slow and cumbersome but better than nothing! And the kids did very well on the trip. It only took 8 1/2 hours this time, whereas the past several years it’s taken around 10. They did better going up than coming back but overall we can go farther now without stopping so much and it hasn’t been like that since before I was pregnant with my son over 5 years ago. One evening we went out to dinner with my dad, I had lake trout and some good beer after that and a good sauna! Sophie even went in this time. We had a quiet Easter, we stayed at my mom’s and I made Chicken Paprikas for dinner. I went running on Sunday in between getting dinner going and my daughter’s nap, and there were crocuses popping up all over the neighborhood. It was good to see melting snow and other signs of spring up there.

I cleaned up the house before we left so at least we didn’t come home to a wreck… I have mountains of laundry to do today and I need to grocery shop once I figure out what we are having for dinner this week. The girls are going in to get spayed tomorrow morning (finally!) and we are getting the rest of our 180 trees on Friday. So it’s looking to be a busy week! It is supposed to be in the 60’s too, so that will be wonderful… we can all get some time outdoors. I hope the warm-ish weather is here to stay.


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