We had it. Need I say more? Almost two weeks ago Sophie woke up in the middle of the night puking, and that continued for two more days in addition to diarrhea. On day 4 she didn’t have many tears, she wouldn’t drink, she wasn’t peeing yet continued with the diarrhea so off to the doctor we went. She’d lost 2 pounds in a week which is a lot when you only weigh 26. I am quite sure she lost at least 20% of her body weight because it wasn’t for another day or so until she was really peeing good. Her appetite has finally returned after over a week, and now she is making up for lost time. Of course my doctor worked us in on a Monday afternoon because of not drinking/peeing… so what did she do in the exam room – she drank and peed! At least my doctor is wonderful and said to always call her if we get worried.

The rest of us had symptoms but we didn’t get nearly as sick as she did. All of us had “off” days and the grownups each had a day where we were just flat out in bed. It was a bad week. I hope this is the last sickness of the year because this has been going on far too long! Finally the weather has been consistently good, so I sure hope this is the end of it!


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