I have not blogged in FOREVER…

Oh this year has not been fun. Nothing serious, but everyone has been sick. It started on Jan 1 when my son started puking. He puked and had a high fever for about 4 days, then he got pink eye. He proceeded to give pink eye to my husband, who then came down with some kind of viral sore throat/cold thing. When my throat got sore (thankfully only the boys had pink eye… girls got away without it), I thought I was getting my husband’s virus. It turned out to be strep throat! I was so sick I had to go to the weekend clinic (couldn’t wait til Monday) and get some antibiotics… later that evening my tonsils turned lovely shades of white. I was on antibiotics for 10 days, along with having lost my voice and I couldn’t stop coughing, but only laying down. Once the antibiotics were gone, my throat still hurt and I was still coughing and I felt like I had active mono all over again. Called the doctor and she said all I could do was rest and drink lots of liquids. IE, nothing we can do. Then, after about a week of that, both kids started puking and had diarrhea. I thought my house was going to smell permanently of puke.

To make things even more fun, it was bitter, bitter cold. We had lows down to -3 and highs sometimes only 3-4. Crappy, nasty weather. We watched a lot of TV. A LOT. And we had to keep going back to the store for more bananas, applesauce, diapers and pull ups. The grown-ups didn’t puke, but we felt kind of “off” for a while, and we think we had what the kids had but a milder form. (I won’t go into details.) It was almost like pregnancy nausea, which had me freaked out for a bit there… but it went away, so now I’m ok.

I wanted to share this photo. One thing that has been nice this winter is that we’ve had wild turkeys visiting us regularly all winter. One of them thought she would hop on top of the bird feeder and see if she could get to the food a little faster…

Here is a close up of her (they all look like females and youngsters from last spring).

No news on the land or building a house at all. Things seem to be OK with my husband’s job but until we are a little more secure on that, we are not making any drastic changes. He gets a week “off” at 50% pay this spring, other than that they haven’t had any other news. Shaky future for most of us I think. I am glad we bought the land when we did, it was a good move on our part, I think.


2 thoughts on “I have not blogged in FOREVER…

  1. I am SO sorry that your year 2009 has been off to a VERY rough start. OMG ~ that sounds terrible!!! I was thinking about you and wondering how you were. Good to see your FB status updates, though. Hope the year gets better for you!

  2. I’m sorry you had such a rough beginning to the year! Hopefully with the arrival of spring(soon I hope!) things will be much brighter and healthier at your house!
    I love the turkeys! I bet they are hilarious to watch

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