Happy New Year

My husband has been off work for the past 2 weeks and while it was really great having him home, it sure didn’t feel like much of a break!  Christmas shopping was a little insane.  I’d wanted to go the Sunday before Christmas but we were having some heavy snow and wind, and going out didn’t sound appetizing.  So I went the next day and there was literally bumper to bumper traffic on the majority of the roads around our mall.  It was horrible.  I stood in line at Meijer for probably 1/2 hour, and it took another 20 minutes to drive to Kohl’s which is less than 1/4 mile away.  I got most of the shopping done and we went out again the following night.  I heard a cashier at Meijer say that the store was not busy the day before with the storm.  I should have gone anyway – I am a Yooper and I have a 4 wheel drive.  Christmas was fine, we went low key this year and that’s definitely OK with me!

So, fast forward to last weekend.  We’d gotten lots and lots of snow a couple of weeks before, and we had over a foot on the ground.  On the weekend it was in the 50’s and we got a whole bunch of rain that went on for many hours.  It melted just about everything and it was a constant battle sucking up the water that had seeped into the basement.  My husband rented an auger and pulled out a bunch of roots, then got the thing stuck… finally he quit around 4 in the morning.  Nobody got much sleep and that added to the insomnia I had for a couple of hours a few nights before that.  After another couple of days, the last of the water came in so we were able to start cleaning up.  It was never very deep, just made puddles along the outer walls.  What a mess!  We’d discussed a lot of projects we would have liked to do over break but this one, although unexpected, NEEDED to be done.  My husband went through and hauled up and tossed a bunch of stuff from the basement and I cleaned like crazy up here.  I actually wound up pulling a muscle in my hip/back and was really hurting that night!

Then, it was New Year’s Day.  We went to my husband’s parents house for dinner and just before we were getting ready to sit down and eat, my son was snuggled up against me on the couch and he leaned over and puked.  Everywhere.  It ran down the back of the couch, in between the cushions!  Amazingly I didn’t get any on me.  It was a lot, pretty much everything he’d eaten that day.  I yelled for help and we wound up taking the couch apart and cleaning it with Resolve, and thankfully, even though I am terrible for bringing much extra stuff with us, we had extra clothes so that was good.  Will fell asleep on my husband so we ate in shifts.  He puked in the bed later that night, and again the next evening.  His temperature was as high as 102.5 and might have been higher.  He couldn’t keep Tylenol down so I picked up some suppositories, just in case (they are over the counter, and good to have on hand for things like this!).  Thankfully he kept liquids down after that and although he peed the bed and was up half the night, he stopped puking and slept most of this afternoon.  By tonight he was playing and the fever was gone and he was acting more like himself.

Yesterday we had a sewer cleaner come out and auger out the drain tiles.  He got out a big plug of roots and said there was a huge gush of water after that.  He thinks we will be good if we keep up with chemical treatments (copper sulfate – sounds scary) but if we’d let it go another couple of years, we would have needed to dig up the tiles and replace them.  Weeping willows are an awful problem and we have a very large one in our yard.  The roots can grow many, many feet from the tree, around houses and everything.  Note to self – do not plant a weeping willow in our new yard!  Cost an arm and a leg but at least now we should have better water drainage and we have some written proof that we got our water problem checked out by a professional.

Today I did the grocery shopping and a bunch of laundry and tomorrow we are supposed to get some freezing rain.  My dear, sweet daughter will not sleep so here I sit while she fusses on my husband.  I just want to sit in the quiet house and knit but it looks like that’s not going to happen.  Then on Monday it’s back to life as usual.  I really loved having my husband home from work but between the water issue and Christmas being exhausting, and a sick child, I’m just really tired.  We didn’t get much of a break.


One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. Hello, tribal here. I hope that things get better for you soon! Some break! Hope he gets another one soon over Spring or sometime when the earth decides to warm up and stop hitting us over the head with another ton of snow!

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