Haven’t blogged lately

I guess I feel like I don’t have much to say! It’s Christmas again and I’ve gotten my out of town shopping done finally. I like to shop online because it’s easier for me to have someone else ship stuff than for me to go out, shop, then go stand in line at the post office. I have done ZERO shopping for anyone here yet. NONE at all. My husband always likes to shop at the last minute and that’s probably what I will do this year too. He has two weeks off work for Christmas, so I will probably take advantage of that to get out by myself and do a little shopping.

Fall ended quickly this year, and early. We have had steady snow here until last night, when it rained. We actually had snowbanks around our driveway and piles of it where we’d shoveled. But now we can see grass again. It is supposed to stay cold again and we will get more snow. My son is all worried that it’s melting and I’m trying to reassure him that winter is just starting and there will be more!

We closed on our land last week and it all went well. It is a relief that we finally found something. I really wanted woods, but it’s in such a good location and we can plant trees. I don’t know how long it will be before we are actually living there but it’s neat to drive by it and realize it’s ours!

I have been working on my sweater and I’m just so pleased with how it’s turning out so far. I am to the point where the length of the body is pretty much set. I abhor shirts that are too short so I added an extra round in there to make sure it’s long enough. I even measured it against a shirt I have that is long enough and it was longer than that. If I am taking all this time to make something like this, it had better be long enough! I know it is going to be plenty big enough. I’d rather have a shirt be a little snug than too short! The cables are so pretty and I’m excited that I am down to the last 20 or so rounds of the body. Then I get to switch to splitting the body into its front and back and working on the shoulder part.

My nephew’s clogs are coming along. I really can’t work on them when there is a lot of chaos because I have to count a lot and concentrate on the pattern. I should be able to finish the second one in a couple more sessions.

I like to feed the birds in the winter and this year we’ve had our regular visitors. A couple of days ago we had 5 wild turkeys at the feeders, scratching in the snow looking for seeds that fell out of the feeders. I bought them some cracked corn so hopefully they will come back again. They are not pretty but they are kind of neat I think! I like crows too, a lot, but that’s just me!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far! My heart goes out to the folks I know who have lost their jobs. It is scary because almost everyone I know who is now unemployed have college degrees and lots of experience! Things are so far, OK with my husband’s job, but in this market, there are no guarantees. At this point I am thankful that we have work. We as a society have become very spoiled and we don’t know the difference between needs and wants anymore. In any case, perhaps living frugally will no longer be a lost art. People like my mom, who were born during or lived through the Great Depression understand that all too well. I don’t know what the solution is for fixing the economical mess, but I do know that Michigan needs some serious help. We have already had one leg amputated and we might as well cut off the other one! It’s maddening and I feel like we should just be our own country at this rate. Merry @@$%&@* Christmas!


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