Inundated by knitting projects!

Inundated.  Hope I spelled that right!  (Nothing comes up on the spell checker!)

The yarn for my sweater finally came in.  It is even more beautiful in person!  I love jewel tones, teal, fuscia, sapphire blue, etc. and this yarn looks teal, but when you look at it closely, it’s heathered with jewel tones!  I already had to rip out my progress once, because I was using a cheap circular needle, I couldn’t see that I’d joined my cast on twisted.  I didn’t notice until I was about 10 rounds in.  Now it’s about where it was when I had to rip it out the first time, on a friend’s borrowed circ, which is better quality, and nicer and easier to knit with!  I’ll be glad when this tedious first bit is done.

But, I have another project looming!  My 15 year old nephew is a University of Michigan fan and wants a pair of felted clogs in Michigan colors (blue and yellow).  So, off I go to the yarn store again (maybe today) to get the supplies I need for those.  I can’t promise they will be done for Christmas but they will be done in time for him to enjoy them for most of the winter.  He is very tall and his shoe size is a mens 11 with no signs of stopping!  So these will be very big clogs!  (I’m so sad I have to go yarn shopping, can you tell?)

Plus I have the two socks I’m burned out on, and a few other assorted things that are halfway or most of the way done.  I’m not happy with just 1 or 2 things going.  Such a schizophrenic knitter!


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