I want to make a sweater

But the yarn store does not have my yarn in, YET.  Next week, it will have been TWO MONTHS since I ordered it.  There was apparently a mix up with the company and it never got sent.  I really, really like this local yarn store and I really like the people who work there, but I just cannot order yarn there again.  I really had hoped to be going on it by now but it’s still not here.  They said they went and ordered it again but I have not heard a word since.  I might stop by there this week and I might decide to ask for my money back and order it elsewhere.  If it is not in by the end of the year, I will DEFINITELY do that.

In the meantime, I’ve made a bunch of other little stuff.  Everyone got hats, and I’m finishing things I started a while ago.  I have a couple of pairs of socks in the making but honestly I got a little burned out on socks.  Sorry, no photos, but you can check out the updated pics I do have by looking at my Ravelry page.


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