We’ve got land!!! And, new blog!

After searching for about 2 years, I’m happy to announce the latest member of our family – 12 acres of dirt!!

It all happened very fast. We found out about the listing the day it was listed, and we put an offer in the next day. The following day it was accepted! We couldn’t believe it. It’s in a perfect location, nice quiet road, not many neighbors, in fact there is nothing but a field across the road. It’s 12 acres of farm field. It’s been tilled under for the winter so there isn’t even grass on it! But we should be able to get in there and plant trees in the spring if we want.  We wanted to stay in our current school district and we’re in the same township.  It will put my husband about 5 minutes closer to work.

We don’t yet have a closing date but I’m currently working on getting a mortgage broker. The price was amazingly good on the land so we won’t need to borrow much, but I still need to go through the process.

We eventually want to build a house on it. I have decided to start a home building blog, to chronicle the whole process, from now, til we move in. If you care to follow along, take a look at An Adventure in Home Construction.


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