A 4 year old’s birthday

Our son Will turned 4 yesterday (November 11th). A few things (well, more than a few things) are a little different this year. He is pretty much a regular kid now. And, I am WAY less nostalgic about his birth. Both feel like the natural way of things, but definite changes that I noticed.

For example – when I asked him what he wanted to do during the day while his dad was at work, he said he wanted to play with friends. So we went to our local community center where they have the gymnastics room set up for little kids and we met friends there. He ran around and played, and after that we went to his friends’ house for lunch (McDonald’s!). When we were done there, we came home, put Sophie to bed, and when she woke up, we went to Chuck E Cheese’s! After a couple of hours there, we came home and opened presents. He is now all about the toys. We got a very nice gift from my aunt and uncle, but he was disappointed that it wasn’t a toy. I remember feeling the same when I was a kid and I never expected anything different, but I did think, well, now we have arrived at this.

Of course I will always remember his birth, and the 50 hours that preceded it. It seems longer ago now, and more surreal, but it’s one of those things that you don’t forget. I always remember every November 9th that we went in to be induced, and then on the 10th I remember that we were still there, then during the day on the 11th I remember that we were STILL there and he was finally born at 7:35 pm. Of course I’d thought it was the induction until Sophie, when my labor started on its own and went on for several days. Why I have such nasty long labors, I have no idea, but it’s unlikely even if I do ever understand it, that I will ever experience it again.

We are having a small family party on Saturday, it will be small and brief. For now, my living room floor is covered in a huge Thomas Action Canyon set, and what is left, in Lightening McQueen. After Saturday I’m not sure what we will get. I just cannot fathom the volume of toys they will go through in their lifetimes. It’s actually quite frightening.

It’s kind of strange, having a 4 year old. I’ve been in the baby thing now for so long that having a little bit of an older kid who can do what you ask (when he wants) and listen (when he wants) and is at least predictable is weird but good. But, it’s still Will, just a slightly older version of him. I can’t imagine Sophie at 4. Seems like a long way off. Being a parent does weird things to your brain and sense of time. Some days seem to never end, yet others fly by like they didn’t exist.

So, to end this post on a much less serious note, he has been dry now for close to a week. No poop accidents and only pee issues occasionally at night or first thing in the morning. YAY for Will!! We’re so proud of him!!


One thought on “A 4 year old’s birthday

  1. What a great birthday post. And I remember when Ian said, “oh, what very nice pants, Grandma! Thank you!” I doubt that would be his reaction now, lol

    Congrats again, on the land!

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