Project Bathroom

When we bought this house in 1998, the master bath was full of water damage. When we started remodeling it, we actually had to replace wall studs and some of the subfloor because the shower tiles leaked and it just pretty much rotted everything. We could not even sleep in our bedroom when we had the bathroom ripped up! We even had to cut a hole in the end of the hall to get the shower stall in. So it was quite a project.

You could imagine our dismay when signs of water damage started appearing in the vinyl around the toilet. It was not long after our big remodel was done (within the first year I’m guessing) and after replacing the wax ring on the toilet, we thought we’d fixed it for good. Fast forward through a wedding, vinyl siding, two pregnancies each resulting in births of children who do not sleep, and a few weeks ago we had water on the floor. We always knew we would have to replace the flooring before we would sell this house someday but now we knew we had to bite it and just do it.

My husband has election day off and decided to use his last day of vacation for the year today. The floor came out Saturday afternoon after shopping for stuff all morning, and the new floor went in yesterday and today. I bought more vinyl for the floor this morning and got the paint this afternoon. The water supply for the toilet got replumbed. I just painted the first coat this evening and will probably put on coat number two tonight when the kids are in bed. I debated it but I’ll have less clean up and less to do tomorrow.

The plan tomorrow is to install the vinyl, put the cabinet and fixtures back in, and replace the toilet. We don’t know if the old one has a tiny crack but I am inclined to buy a new one, because we sure don’t want to do this room a third time! And during this time we are going to need to go vote. The polling place for our area is very close so my husband will go early in the morning and I’ll go later whenever it’s easier for him to keep an eye on the kids. Then I’ll have a whole pile of cleaning to do. When we cut out the old floor, it created a lot of dust which of course went everywhere. I am sure I’ll be cleaning it the rest of the week. But, we’ll have a pretty new bathroom that hopefully will stay dry until the end of time!


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