I am potty training two kids at the same time!

My almost 4 year old, and my 1 1/2 year old!  How unfair could this be?  (Except when I suddenly need no diapers, which, I actually feel is quite a ways off yet.)

My son is doing pretty well.  He’s been mostly dry now and wearing underwear for the past 3 days.  People have told me over and over he will not do it until he is ready.  His problem, is that he is LAZY.  He has been “ready” for a long time.  He just didn’t have a REASON to do it.  Well, we found his reason this week.  It’s his friends’ little brother, who is a little younger than Sophie, wearing UNDERWEAR and pooping in the potty!!  Immediately he started doing the same.  It was pretty much the very next day.  He needed a fire lit under his butt and that was it.

Just now, my daughter, who is 20 months, pooped in her little pink potty!  She has been obsessed with using the potty for a few weeks and I try to put her on it as much as she wants (unless we are running late).  She doesn’t ever have dry diapers though, so we are a ways off from underwear or even pull ups.  But, it’s a start, and she’s much further along than my son was at this age.  She loves our potty books and loves to flush.  It would be cool if she started pooping in it regularly, if all I had was wet diapers to contend with, I’d be thrilled.  But, it might be a totally isolated incident and might not happen again for months, like things went with my son.  She seems to be a little more motivated, by what, I’m not sure, but she is.

The fun never ends around here.


One thought on “I am potty training two kids at the same time!

  1. Wow … two at once! But you know, how fantastic would that be to not need *any* diapers anymore, ever? Meredith watches Lucas go potty, and I’m hoping that within this next year, she might pick up on it, too.

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