Baby is stealing my brain cells

My daughter is going through a super clingy clingon phase right now and it’s making me insane.  She had a horrible time going to sleep last night and then woke up, and wouldn’t go back to sleep!  So my poor husband got out of bed and mercifully gave me a few hours of sleep in our bed alone.  (My poor back didn’t know what to do with such a wonderful mattress… and I woke up not knowing where I was!)  She is napping right now so we’ll see how that goes.  It’s really late which means she’ll be up til kingdom come tonight.  Might as well have a good cup of black tea, get out the knitting and prepare for a long evening.

Speaking of knitting, I am taking apart a sweater.  The yarn is so pretty, it’s a wool/alpaca/acrylic blend and the sweater that was made from it didn’t do it justice.  It’s an old LL Bean sweater, and a little too picky for me, plus it made me look like a big marshmallow!  I don’t know what I’ll do with it, it will probably be split up into several smaller projects.  I will have a lot of yarn and I wish I liked the feel of it on my neck, but I just don’t.  In any case, it was free, so I’ll make sure I put it to good use.  I managed to finally finish one pair of socks today and started the second of my Noro socks.  I still have a pair of socks I’m going to frog and start something different because my pattern wasn’t doing the yarn justice, and, I wasn’t enjoying the process.

Our CSA is coming to an end and I’m pretty disappointed.  He did have difficult weather this summer, but so did all the other farmers in the area – and they somehow managed to grow enough to make the farmer’s market on Saturday mornings feel like a frat party!  (So many people, you can’t walk very fast!)  It was really, really difficult to go to the farmer’s market and see mountains of cantaloupe, apples, berries, peaches, pears, sweet corn, herbs, and stuff picked when it should have been instead of when it got gigantic, tough and woody.  I just can’t justify spending my money on it again.  I think the idea is fabulous, and I want to keep my grocery money in the local economy as much as I can, and I really, really wanted it to work.  But it wasn’t so good.  I wouldn’t say it was awful, I did try some new things I like and a lot of what we did get was really, really tasty.  But, I think he has a lot to learn both about farming, organic farming and dealing with the public.  I almost feel like we were experimented on, we paid while he tried to learn how to grow stuff.  Money is tight for everyone everywhere and I feel mine would be better spent at the farmer’s market.  I wanted strawberries, dammit!  No fruit til September, and he thinks he is done for the season now… so we lost both June and October… which made it cost a lot more than I’d bargained for.  I really wanted it to work, but I won’t do it next year, and I can’t say I’d recommend this farm to others at this point.

We did not get the land.  The owners took 3 days to decide they would come down a whopping $250 (yes two hundred fifty dollars) on the price, and there was a bunch of other weird stuff that I don’t care to get into on a public blog.  Email me for the whole story.  It’s probably best we walk away, however, if the land is still for sale in a couple of months, when the real estate market tanks even further, we could offer a few thousand less than what we just did, just to make a point, and see what happens.  Oh well.  We’re not the ones with the debt, and I wish them the best of luck!


One thought on “Baby is stealing my brain cells

  1. I had brussels sprouts tonight from the CSA–was hoping he’d go at least another week–they were good–tiny and tender. I guess I didn’t expect much in fruit–but I did expect apples and pears.

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