Ten things I love that start with the letter “L”

Lisanne over at Bathtub Junkie invited folks who read her blog, to comment on her post about what she loves about the letter “B”, and she would then assign letters.  She assigned me the letter “L”, and I thought I could have some fun with it!  So here goes.

1.  Learning.  I have always had a love of learning, about many different things.  Even when something we are doing totally sucks at the moment, I can always tell myself, well, it was a good learning experience.  I hope to continue to learn new things until my brain fails, and since I am hoping that never happens, I hope to learn a lot my whole life.  There are just so many things I want to try!  I won’t ever get to all of them.

2.  Lattes.  Actually, I probably like cappuccinos better, but that’s not an L word.   I am crazy about coffee and I can’t imagine life without it!

3.  La La La, Linoleum.  Just a cute sketch from Sesame Street, from my childhood!  A lot of L words in this song are favorites of mine, including Bert’s “lumps in my oatmeal”.  🙂

4.  Laughter.  The best laughs come from my children when I am tickling them mercilessly.  I especially like the sound they make just before the screams at me to stop (which I do promptly!).

5.  Lunches out.  I don’t get to do this that often these days, but when we do go, the kids and I usually meet up with my husband somewhere near his work.  It’s a nice outing, breaks up the day, and the kids usually fall asleep in the car on the way home.  One of our favorite places is a local chain of diners.  The food is decent (it’s diner food!) and the kids can always get a pancake if they don’t want anything else.  We always take home leftovers.

6.  Long weekends.  It’s always such a relief when my husband has 3-4 days off work!

7. Linguine, lasagna, and other pasta-filled, Italian delights!  (Add lemon in there too, since it is a main flavor in a lot of Mediterranean foods.)

8.  Letting my kids (and myself) lick ice cream cones on a hot summer day.

9.  Little things.  Anything miniature.  Model trains, planes, dollhouses, even tiny parts at a hardware store always make me laugh.  Little baby shoes.  Little baby animals.  We found a little baby snapping turtle today who was the cutest little guy ever!

10.  Life.  My life is not perfect, but I do love life!  I complain, about the kids, about being tired, about the house’s quirks… but I need to say that I am so very lucky.  I have both of my parents, and my husband also has his, and one grandma!  We all live in Michigan.  Our kids are healthy, active, bright, and such a blessing.  There are so many good things happening in my life, even though times are scary.  Even when I bitch that life sucks, it’s really only a small part of it.  The things that count are really quite good.  And I am thankful for all of them!

If anyone else wants to play, just leave a comment and I’ll assign you a letter!


4 thoughts on “Ten things I love that start with the letter “L”

  1. You can leave me a letter!!

    You know I picked Liam up a Sesame Street tape for the car that has that La La Linoleum song on it and its the first time I have heard it. I love it too. Funny that you made a reference too it so soon after I heard it the first time.

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