Summer again? And a case of start-itis!

It was 80 degrees here today, after lows around 40 at night all week. I even went through Sophie’s closet and pulled out all the cold weather stuff that is too small for her. I kind of like doing this seasonal change-over thing, and she is still little enough that I take something out of her closet, say “Ahhh…. this was SO cute on her!”, fold it up, and put it away.

Thankfully we got the water out of our basement. My husband’s brother and our sister in law live very close to us and they had a small pump, and an extra sump pump. Good thing too because ours died, on top of everything else! So the next day, my husband went out and bought a new one. I think we have a clog in the foundation drain somewhere because there was a lot of water in the drain at the opposite end of the house. We have not had rain all week and there isn’t much in the forecast, so it is probably a good time for someone to come take a look at it.

No news on the land. We haven’t put an offer in yet. Husband has been too busy at work and we were sick all week, all 4 of us.

Please give a shout-out to my friend Nancy at I.T. Chick, Running Dork. She is running in the Fox Cities Marathon tomorrow.

I am working feverishly to try to finish another pair of socks. I started them this past winter and because I LOVE STARTING PROJECTS, I never wind up being very quick at getting stuff done! I think having a few things going helps keep me from burning out on one thing, but the downside is that I don’t finish stuff that fast. I’ve got about 1/2 a sock to go and I’ll have another pair done. But I can’t keep away from Ravelry, I just go through pictures and sit here and think of what I can do with the yarn that I have already. I am trying to really curb spending – I have always been a bit frugal but now I am really being mindful. I just want to start a zillion new things. Must… stop… self…….

Today we managed to get a bit of housework done. Our son helped my husband do some vacuuming. Our daughter “helped” with the laundry! (Read: scattered it all over the house!) Some days it actually feels like I’ve made a dent in here. One day, my house will be clean again. It might not happen until everyone is in school, but it will happen. We’re all still kind of tired from being sick, and it was hot. We drove around, looking at the land we want and a few other places, again, just to get it set in our minds that this is what we want. And this evening I did our grocery shopping. I am winding up with 5 shopping days this month instead of our usual 4, so I have really had to focus on sticking to my grocery budget. I am coming in well under the wire though, even though I included diapers as groceries.

We talked about taking another trip to the U.P. this fall sometime, I would like to go before the weather gets bad, and even before hunting season. We need to sit down and take a look at the calender. Usually fall is kind of long, because there are no holidays to break it up, so it might be a good time to go.


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