Summer stuff

It’s been quite the stretch since I blogged last. I have been trying to keep myself busy. I am sure for those of you who read this regularly, you are wondering how my sick kitty is doing. She is, for now, holding her own. She is not eating nearly as much as the vet wants, and I have decided to go against her advice and I am not force feeding her. We are doing hospice care now, and I would not force a human to eat against their will, therefore, I will not force my kitty to eat either. I know she is losing weight. She does eat on her own, and I found that she really loves cooked chicken. So we are going to eat a lot of chicken dinners here for a while. She has been outside a few times (normally an inside cat) and she even hunted and killed something under the deck one night. We got some good pictures and even one with the kids, so we’ll have those for when she is gone. She seems to be doing well and doesn’t seem to be in pain, and she hasn’t given me any indication of having given up. So we will go along as we’ve been until something changes. I still hope to come home one day to find that she peacefully passed in our absence. I really don’t want to stress her out with any more trips to the vet.

Our CSA is in full swing now. I have a boatload of yellow wax beans in my fridge and 4 large yellow summer squash, AND 1 zucchini still! I also have beets with greens and some broccoli and lettuce. It is more than we can eat in a week so it is piling up! Fortunately a lot of this keeps pretty well. I am getting creative with the squash. It’s not something I generally eat much of or even buy so it’s been a challenge to come up with things. I will definitely be putting things in the freezer for winter. If I shred the squash, and measure it out, I can take out a baggie for soup or spaghetti sauce or whatever. And the yellow beans should freeze well too. If anyone has favorite summer squash/zucchini recipes, please email them to me!

I have rented my loom and I’ve been weaving!! It’s really a lot of fun and I’m experimenting with different patterns and weft materials. So far I’ve used some sock yarn, some worsted weight wool and some of the carpet warp. It will either be a wall hanging or a table runner and I’m excited to see what the whole thing looks like when it’s done. I need to try to weave every day so that I get the most use out of the loom while it’s here. I can definitely see myself getting into it later on when I have a better place for a loom and when the kids are older. I’ll post pictures when everything is done! (For those of you on Ravelry, check out my page, I have a pic in progress up there.)

We’ve had the kids outside a lot in the evening. Sophie loves playing with water and you can’t keep her away from any of it – mud puddles, pools, even a pan of water on the deck. Will has a big boy bike now and although he will be using training wheels for a while, he is riding it very well! He looks so cute in his helmet. We go for walks down our side street here and he rides. Our neighbor has a miniature horse and we stopped to feed her some carrots tonight. It is hot during the day so evenings are a good time to go outside.

On the knitting front, I just finished a felted bag for a friend of mine. I am working on the second sock of one pair, and after that, I have a lacy scarf I need to finish. It seems like last week I finished up a bunch of stuff that had been undone for a while – I finished knitting the felted bag, I finished TWO socks (not the same pair though), and I finished some dishcloths and scrubbies for my dad. All of these have been updated on Ravelry. The bag is still blocking/drying but when I have it all assembled I’ll take some pictures. Then it’s off to Corpus Christi! I found the PERFECT cardboard box to block it on and I will be saving it just for that purpose.

No big plans for this week. I am sure we will visit friends like we usually do, and I’ll pick up food from the farm on Tuesday. I need to get some veggies in the freezer and keep working on this house. It seems like it’s so messy in here but Sophie is insane. She now throws food with the power of a toddler and she drags things from one room to the other. So I have plastic food containers in the bedroom and her stuffed animals from her bed in the kitchen. I am sure she has thrown away toys. Today she had the waste paper basket dumped all over the living room floor, so I have to put it up again. I remember going through this with Will, and he eventually outgrew it. I think by 2 he was much better. She seems to be sleeping a little bit better and her molars are slowly losing their covering of skin. Sleep is good. I appreciate it!


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