Summer things and my week

I was putting off blogging because I really wanted my last post about the Finnish influence in my hometown to not get buried in other stuff! But then I remembered I could make a page. So I went ahead and did that. Now anyone can find it anytime later if they want. It takes quite a few more steps for me to put pics in my posts so I tend not to do that… but it was kind of nice to have some pictures for a while.

We got our first CSA box last week. Turnips with greens, collards, lettuce, a zucchini and some eggs. I made a frittata and grated up some zucchini for it, and cooked some of the greens with a ham hock. They all came out pretty good, but I need to get busy and cook the rest of the greens, and the rest of the zucchini, AND the turnips because we are getting another box on Tuesday! That gives me 1 day to do all of that. It’s fun though, and it’s been an adventure to figure out new things to do with all these new veggies that I usually don’t buy. I think I’ll do more of the greens in the same pot with the ham hock and maybe sautee the rest with garlic. I will probably roast the turnips with a little balsamic and some olive oil, and not sure about the zucchini. (Is anyone ever really sure about the zucchini?)

This past week, we ran around a lot. We heard a funny noise in the truck right before we left the UP, but it ran just fine on the way home, ran fine all week, then Thursday, we went to a friend’s house, then ran an errand, and when I got home, I stopped to get the mail, stopped to wait for the garage door to open, then when I got out, there was a river of antifreeze POURING out from under the truck! I am not a religious person but sometimes things happen that make me think someone somewhere is looking out for me at times. Because it could have died SO many places that would have been REALLY inconvenient, especially in the heat with two little kids in the car. But it didn’t, it died RIGHT in my garage, RIGHT after I’d done all my post-trip running. It turned out to be the water pump and my husband had it fixed in a couple of days.

I now have a tabletop loom sitting on my kitchen table. It is not fully warped. I have my warp ends all cut and bundled, and they are all through the reed, and I am in the process of putting the warp ends through the heddles. (Google “weaving” and you’ll find glossaries for all of this! I’m too lazy to look it all up and put in the links right now.) Once I get all my ends fully heddled (is that a word?) then on Saturday I will take it back to the shop and she will help me tie my warp ends down. THEN, I can finally start weaving. I’ll keep the loom probably for a couple of weeks, I figure I can make my table runner easily in that time. While we were in the UP, we went to visit one of my mom’s Finnish friends who has a loom. She has made beautiful rugs for her house and she even let her 9 year old son at the time make a table runner. He used all sorts of scraps of yarn/string/fabric and made a really cool one! I am very excited about this and I feel another addiction coming on! I can’t imagine getting a floor loom with little kids around. So I’ve got time to decide and look for a used one.  In case anyone is interested, I’m using a 4-frame loom, and it’s 15 inches wide.  My warp ends are all 3 yards long.  I will post some pictures of it all when I get things ready to go.

This week we have friends coming here and the next CSA box to pick up, and playgroup on Wednesday, and we are going to try to go visit my sister in law (and my kids’ cousins) this week too. (They just live around the corner from us.) It will be fun to have company and I’m excited to see what is coming next from the CSA! So, a busy, but good week, hopefully.


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