I don’t know what to blog!

It has been a busy week. My mom was here for almost 2 weeks for a visit and medical stuff. She went home Monday. We are getting ready to go to the UP for a while. I was busy this week with La Leche League, both meetings and phone calls. I’ve also brought the kids to several fun activities this week. On Tuesday, we went shopping for my husband for his birthday. Wednesday we went to the park and to a friend’s house later, and today we went to “Touch a Truck” at our local library. The city had a fire truck, a garbage truck and several other, smaller vehicles for kids to sit inside and check out. Then after playing outside a while, we went into the library and got both of them signed up for their summer reading challenge. It’s not that challenging, at their ages, because we easily read several books a day to them. Once they meet their goals (reading so many books, in our case) they get to go pick out some prizes. Today I am trying to catch up on laundry, and tomorrow I have another La Leche League meeting.

Sometimes I like these busy weeks. I think the kids just do better when we are out and about. They get nutty when we stay home too long. Heck, *I* get nutty when we stay home too long!

On the knitting front, I finished up a couple of soakers recently. I need to lanolize them but probably will not do that until after our trip, unless I get a little extra time and think of it. I’m washing my last load of diapers today since I am not taking cloth with us and I do not want any stinky cloth sitting around dirty/wet while we’re gone. I am working on a couple of pairs of socks I have not touched in a long time and I started a felted wool bag for another friend of mine (sorry, you gotta be a lifelong friend for me to knit for ya, or my kid, that’s just the way it goes!). I had to order the right sized needles for the bag and they came in this week. I am using Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted, it’s one-ply (which I like for this!) and the colors are really neat – pink and red, but there are slight variations throughout the skeins.

Sophie was REALLY, REALLY crabby last week. And she wasn’t sleeping. And she wasn’t napping. I knew she was working on one lower molar FOREVER and I just couldn’t see anything happening. After many weeks (heck her whole life) of this, you start to think they are doing it TO you, just to make you mad/insane/dead because they want to (irrational, I know, but sleep deprivation does all kinds of lovely things to your brain). So a few days later, I was trying to get a look in her mouth because she never lets me. And there they were, TWO TOP MOLARS, just the edges of them, nice and white and shiny! The poor thing was working on THREE molars at once! Now her lower one is finally breaking through, you can just barely see it. And, last night she slept from 11:30 pm to 6 am (some kind of record). She stirred a few times and woke me up but she didn’t nurse during that time. Granted, she had a late nap and didn’t GO to sleep til 11:30 and that was with a LOT of coaxing… (but hey, I got dinner cooked WITH NOBODY SCREAMING AT ME, but you always have to pay, you either pay for the quiet by a LATE bedtime or you pay for an earlier bedtime by getting screamed at, at least with my kids….) So where was I, oh yeah, the sleeping thing. I am sure it was a fluke. She has never done that, not ever. So I’m sure tonight will be horrid. Just wait!

I have a headache now. I should go do something about it.


2 thoughts on “I don’t know what to blog!

  1. That Touch the Truck thing sounds so awesome! Liam would have loved that! I’m glad you had a nice visit with your mom!!! Have fun in the UP next week. We’re heading to the CP….Cedar Point..haha

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