Dirt Pile

I learned something new this week.  We got a very large load of black topsoil because we need to do some landscaping around the house and yard.  Not necessarily for anything pretty, but we need to fix the grade (the lawn slopes toward the house instead of away) and there were a few very low spots that needed to be filled in.  We will probably use the last of it in flower beds and if we have enough, I might decide to put in a small garden.  I am not sure what to plant in it, I could probably put in a few things and have food by fall, if I was motivated.

So, my new skill, is that I can drive a John Deere tractor, scoop up dirt with it, drive the dirt to where it needs to go, and dump it!  It’s all great fun.  My first load was what my husband called “girly”.  It was pretty small.  But after about 6-7 loads, I was picking up “manly” loads!  Really big, full ones.  It was pretty funny when the neighbors drove by and saw me driving the tractor and scooping up dirt.  Especially the neighbor who rides a motorcycle.  He is very nice and even plowed out our driveway a few times this winter.  He looked at me kinda funny!  I guess he didn’t expect to see me up there.  You CAN teach this old dog new tricks!  I am having a great time with the tractor, in fact my husband has let me do most of the dirt hauling the past two days.  I can even pick up, haul, and dump dirt with either kid in my lap!  (Don’t worry, I’ve only gotten the tractor up to about 1.5 MPH at the fastest, and my husband is always right there.)

The dirt pile has gone down quite a lot, but it’s weird, because when I look at where we spread it, it looks like we’ve hardly used any of it!  And using the tractor gives us plenty of energy for shoveling/raking it into place.

The kids have had fun with the dirt pile too.  Sophie can climb right up to the very top of it!  And she will sit there and play/eat it until she is ready to come down, then one of us has to go get her.  Right now the pile is pretty uneven because I’ve been digging into it so much, so we are afraid of avalanches.  The top isn’t very stable any more.  And parts of it are pretty gooey from the rain we’ve had recently.

Oh, and they discovered another lovely treat that comes with dirt piles.  Worms.  Sophie had a really huge, really long nightcrawler dangling from her hand!  And she had the most excited look on her face!  Then Will found one and he was swinging it around!  (Poor thing!)  I think Sophie tasted one!  And both of them broke.  Those poor things, they will probably tell all their buddies to stay away from our kids!  RUN (crawl?) as fast as you can, THE OTHER WAY!


2 thoughts on “Dirt Pile

  1. Sounds like fun with all that dirt! My first indoor plant I bought broke all over my laptop (cramped dorm room). I didn’t mind the dirt, but I wasn’t expecting a squiggly worm between my fingers. Gross. I sympathize with those poor worms, but hopefully they’re the ones that regenerate and now there are four worms.

  2. That’s right, worms– flee! Flee for your lives!! Ha ha, I loved hearing about your driving around on the tractor!! It does sound like fun… you must have a huge yard!

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