We just got back from hauling a truck load of stuff to Goodwill. It feels good to purge ourselves of things we do not need, want or use, and get through some of the clutter here. I think we need to make this a yearly, or twice yearly event once we get things under control. I feel like I’ve crawled out of a rock. Since I got pregnant with Will over 4 years ago, it seems like I haven’t felt well or rested enough to make much of a dent in things. He has always been such a poor sleeper, and was sleeping terribly during my first trimester with Sophie. Then after she was born, 3 months later I got mono and it didn’t go away until this past winter. Now, she is finally letting me sleep 3 hours at a time (sometimes even 4!!!) so I feel like it is getting slightly better and I can actually start crawling out from under all the piles.

At one point today everyone was sleeping. I took that time to quickly pull all the bags of fabric and fabric scraps from the closet in the laundry room/sewing room and go through it. I wanted to get all my patterns in one place, and all the fabric in another. I managed to get all my fabric in one of two plastic bins, and the patterns are in a big zippered bag (the kind that comforters come in) waiting for a new home. Do I really need 20 medieval/renaissance style patterns? Because I’m certain I have at least 20 of them. I don’t need to buy another one, ever! I do have some nice quilt fabric though, lots of fat quarters and more of some others. Even if I don’t get to quilting, they would make nice doll clothes or blankets. Once Sophie is a little older, I would really like to do a little more sewing. There are so many neat things I could make for the kids. Knitting and crocheting are currently satisfying that desire of mine right now and that seems to work out best.

We had a good weekend, other than the trip to donate, we got 18 yards of black dirt for our yard.  We need it over the septic field and we also need to fix the grade around the house to see if we can stop the water from coming in the basement.  The flowers could use it too and now is the time to get all the planters I might ever want!  18 yards was a WHOLE dump truck full.  Will really loved that!  We are talking about putting some kind of covered but open patio or porch on the front of the house.  We would need to pull out the shrubs and stuff but it would make the front of the house look a lot nicer.  I think we should consider doing the kitchen too, since we can grill outside easily if we are without an oven.  It seems like we are having trouble finding property we like, so we might as well keep fixing up this house.


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