Content with life

I realized I haven’t posted in almost 10 days!  Sorry about the blip.  We were kind of busy there for a while, went out of town for an overnight and then trying to catch up with stuff after that.

My birthday was Saturday and I am 39 years old.  One whole year left til the next decade of my life starts!  It’s funny to think that in 11 years, I will be a half century old.  I remember when my friend’s dad turned 50 and we were all joking.  It seemed like such a long way off.   Impossible, even!  Now, not so much.  It’s weird what time does to your brain.  Then, if I am really lucky, I’ll have about 30 years left of my own life.  I better get busy doing stuff I want!  All those knitting projects and only 40 years or so left?

So, my birthday was really nice.  We opened presents in the morning, I got a really cool digital picture frame and a few odds and ends for the kitchen.  I also got a gift certificate for Twisted Warp and Skeins (a local yarn shop) to be used for weaving lessons and the rental of a table top loom!  I have always wanted to learn to weave and now I am going to.  I might hate it, but if I love it, it opens up a whole new addiction!  My first lesson is on June 14th.  For dinner that night, I made burgers and dogs and corn on the cob, wrapped everything up and we went to this park with a really cool play structure.  We ate outside and after that the kids played for a while.  We finished off the night with ice cream from Great Lakes Ice Cream Co. (where they make all their own ice cream!).

The next morning we went up north where my in laws have a summer home on Lake Huron.  It was a relaxing weekend, I got some knitting done and got my jigsaw puzzle fix.  I love puzzles but I don’t ever get to do them here, it would be a disaster with the kids.  Maybe someday!  But not now.  Will played outside pretty much the whole time we were there and Sophie got to splash around in the lake too with her brother and dad.  I think we all got a good rest, even though for some reason I cannot sleep up there… and of course the kids had restless nights because they don’t ever sleep well in a strange place.  But aside from that the rest of the weekend was good.

As for knitting projects, I am currently test knitting for a lady.  I have to keep the whole thing under wraps though, at least for now, and when she gives me the go-ahead to share with everyone, I will.  It has been a really nice experience, the person who wrote the pattern has been wonderful to test for and I hope to do it again.  I also decided to use some birthday money to get some wool yarn (Cascade 220) for a pair of Nordic mittens – the pattern is from Lapland actually.  Unfortunately my gauge was way off (need 13 st per 2 in and had 17 instead!) so the mitt is going to be way too small.  I was trying to decide what to do with it and I hate to rip it out because the colorwork is so beautiful.  I have more than enough yarn so I am going to take it off the needles and just leave it, and start over with bigger needles.  I will have an easier time starting over, if I don’t destroy my mistake swatch.  It went fast in any case, so before long I’ll be caught back up to where I decided to stop.  And hopefully I will actually have a mitt that will fit my hand.  Right now it would be a very long child’s size large!

Here is a picture of my “test”:

I just love the braided edge.  Now that I understand how it goes, the “real” pair will have a nicer finish to them.  I wasn’t crazy about doing a red, white and blue mitten, but I read that in the far north (Lapland is north of the Arctic circle), they knit colorful mittens during their dark, long winters.

Well, as one good friend used to say, my coach is turning into a pumpkin.  The baby is screaming (I don’t know why, she is just VERY VERY crabby these days.  Thankfully nights are not so bad.) and my son suddenly loudly proclaimed that he NEEDS MORE FOOD NOW.  Excuse me?  When do I get to eat in peace?  Oh yeah, I ate in peace the first 35 years of my life.  That’s when.


2 thoughts on “Content with life

  1. Gorgeous colorwork! I tried making a knitted easter egg with dpns, but it was just too fiddly for me. I don’t think I’m to that knitting level quite yet. I can’t imagine adding two other colors!
    Glad to hear you got some puzzle time in. My grandma’s assisted living home has tons of puzzles around the craft area. Sometimes when I visit we’ll go talk with the other ladies and help with the puzzle. My favorite part is the border and putting in the last piece.

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