Thrift store finds

I was inspired by Mirka at Oprikka, with her wonderful thrift store finds she posted about in this post. She makes great bags out of Finnish textiles and I found a couple of curtains today that are canvas and will be perfect for some tote bags.

The next picture shows some blue and white cotton (also curtains) and some striped green upholstery canvas that will also be perfect for a bag.

My daughter Sophie loves to play with scarves so I decided to start a little dress up box for her! I’ve got an old trunk (foot locker) in the basement that is full of books, but if I can find another place for the books, the trunk will be a great place for dress up clothes.

This was a game I played about 32 years ago! It’s a fun picture game to play in the car on long trips.

And lastly, what is a thrift store without picking up clothes for the kids. Here is a very adorable spring/summer outfit for Sophie!

I could not resist this one, even though she will not be able to wear them for a few more years. It is just too expensive to buy new, and I could not pass it up. (It’s a pair of striped leggings, from Hanna Andersson.)


5 thoughts on “Thrift store finds

  1. Do you have a pattern you are using for your totebags? I bought a bunch of fabric last year at a Farmer’s Market to make some totebags with and I havent started yet. I have a simple enough pattern but seriously I cant even sew a button!!!!

  2. I *loooooooove* all of those fabrics! Ohhh, just *looking* at them makes me want to immerse myself in crafting. Can’t do that anymore, though *sigh* Those are just terrific finds. Wow, you are totally making me want to check out Goodwill this weekend! hehe 🙂

  3. Love the fabric — especially the first two!! 🙂 Sounds like you had a great thrift store spree! 🙂

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