Life lately

It has been a fair week this week.  Fortunately Sophie made it through the rest of her antibiotics without a problem.  I had gotten her diarrhea pretty much under control with diet and she had the last of the medication on Thursday.  She’s been pretty much back to normal all week, except she only took 45 minute naps for most of the week.  Thankfully she has napped a little longer the past couple of days.  Nights are still pretty much the same, waking up a lot to nurse, and occasionally, just up.  I keep trying to tell myself, that in 12 years or so when they are both teenagers, they will want to do nothing BUT sleep… but it sure seems like 12 years is a really long time for me to wait to get sleep!

We are joining a CSA (community sponsored agriculture) this summer.  I went out to the farm this week and we had a really nice visit.  Their granddaughter is Will’s age so the two of them played the whole time, and she sent me home with 2 dozen eggs and a bunch of green onions that volunteered from last year.  Very nice people and I am looking forward to another visit!  The kids had fun feeding grass to the chickens and blowing bubbles and playing outside.  How it works, is that we pay a fee, and we get whatever is ready from their HUGE garden every week.  Some weeks you will get more of one thing than another but they stagger when they plant things to extend the season a little bit.  They have chickens to help with fertilization since they don’t use chemicals at all, so we get eggs too.

Because I suddenly had so many eggs, I made quiche the next day.  I used some of the green onions – I think they were the freshest green onions I’ve ever used… they actually were crisp as the knife went through them!  I also sliced up a tomato to put in it and added some grilled asparagus from a few nights before.  I didn’t have any premade pie crust so I had to make some of that too.  It’s been a long time!  But it turned out pretty good.  I also made a dump cake.  That was the same day that I scrubbed and scoured one of the bathrooms, until it was sparkling clean.  I even bought a new toilet seat because the underside of the old one is corroded and impossible to really get clean.

The bathroom scrubbing must be addictive because I did our master bath today.  I still need to wash the floor but ran out of time.  Got a new toilet seat for that bath too, for the same reasons.

My goal this summer is to eat or freeze all of the produce we get, except for peels/general scraps.  It’s motivating to have met the people who break their backs to get stuff to grow, to make sure I am respectful of their work and not waste anything.  I do have some canning equipment but I don’t know that I want to mess with canning this year.  I might surprise all of us and cook almost everything.  Even though we got the smaller share, I have a feeling we might still wind up with a lot of extra!  I will get to learn how to cook things I don’t usually cook and that will be fun/interesting!

Lastly, today we went to the Parade of Homes.  Local builders in the area (and new homeowners) agree to open their newly built homes to the public, as a way for the builders to advertise, and for the public to check out what is new in home trends.  I am, as usual, not very trendy.  In fact, when we do finally get to building, people are probably going to drive by, scratch their heads and say, “What the heck???”  One thing I totally don’t get is spending $20,000 on a shower.  That is probably exaggerating but all of the master bathrooms have these huge showers, that are custom, covered with ceramic tile floor to ceiling, and most have extra heads here and there… why?  I understand a jet tub (we saw one with water that came from the ceiling??) but a shower, you spend only as long in it as your hot water heater can do, and you’re done!  I’d rather put it into other parts of the house you are actually IN for long periods of time.  Anyway it was interesting, people have gotten very lavish, even the most modest home we saw seemed to have a lot of stuff in it that was a little too over the top for me.  We saw one that was almost 5,000 square feet, really beautiful, no expense spared at all, the basement was totally finished and like a whole other house.  In one of those estates on a golf course!  Nice if that’s your thing, but they probably wouldn’t appreciate a chicken coop and duck pond in our back yard!  Homeowners associations are really not for me!  Also, master suites are just insanely huge, taking up a LARGE part of the house.  It is nice to have a decent sized bedroom, with an adjoining bath, and a little walk in closet, but it seems like the ones we saw went on for miles.  I sleep in there, shower, poop, occasionally read or nap, and that’s about it.  I sure don’t want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a bedroom?  Give me a good kitchen with a huge walk in pantry, a BIG family room with a fireplace, a sauna in the basement and a big yard for the kids/dog/ducks/chickens or whatever, and some privacy, and I’ll be happy.


3 thoughts on “Life lately

  1. I totally agree with you on the big kitchen and pantry. Forget two shower heads, how about two ovens and a warming box? Glad to hear your daughter is recovering well.
    That’s great you’re doing the food share thing. I hear it’s a really good thing for local farmers and the produce is so much better. True fresh fruits and veggies are the best. My grandparents used to own a small farm and I still remember all those fresh veggies.

  2. I’m glad Sophie is feeling better!!!! Liam is mostly better now I think, he still has to go back to the doctor one more time on Thursday to be rechecked. Wednesday is his last day of the Cefzil.

    I have to go back to, I keep failing a urine test. They keep telling me I am malnourished and I have to repeat it. Seriously, I’ve done it 4 times now. What do you make of that?

  3. I hear ya on the big lavish house thing. My mil has a $700,000 house across the street — we’ve looked in the windows, & it has ridiculous upgrades, but is actually a really cruddy floorplan. Eh, to each his own, I guess!

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