She is FINALLY better

Today was the first day in a really long time that she went the whole day and night without a fever.  And this morning when I woke up, I was drunk on sleep.  It was really the first night I’d gotten several blocks of 3.5 hours or so at a time.  And, we have managed to stop the diarrhea with food so that’s good too.  It will make the next 5 days of antibiotics a lot easier to deal with.  And I plan to have a bottle burning party on Thursday next week when she is done!  She isn’t fighting us so much now either, but I think it helps that she isn’t getting several syringe-fuls of medicine every 4-6 hours.

This was a nasty, nasty bug, whatever it was.  I am glad now that we did the antibiotics, even though I am really against the use of them unless you really have to.  She seemed to be feeling better after just a couple of doses.  It had been going on far too long.  What a miserable couple of weeks.  Since she does not tolerate dairy, I bought her some soy yogurt (not hot on giving soy to babies either because of the estrogens and tendency to screw up thyroid function) which she is eating, thankfully because she needs the probiotics.  I hope she does not wind up with thrush after all of this.

Now we just need everyone to be healthy for the rest of the summer.  We have a wedding in June in Wisconsin, my mom is coming to visit after that and we will probably go to the UP sometime this summer as well.  I haven’t been home since Christmas and I am homesick.  We haven’t even talked about when to do that this year.

Today I felt good, and rested for the most part, better than I have felt in a really long time.  Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I told Clane I wanted to go somewhere for breakfast, but in the middle of the afternoon when it’s not busy, and hopefully when the kids will be able to make it through a meal out.  I still feel like I could sleep for weeks and weeks.  It seems like the kids tend to sleep really well after having been sick, so hopefully Sophie will do better at night now.  Her naps are terrible, today she slept for 45 minutes tops, once, and that was it.  Crappy nappers, both of them.  Someday they will pray for someone to put them down for a nap!


One thought on “She is FINALLY better

  1. I hope that you guys ALL stay healthy for the rest of the year. A wedding in Wisconsin ~ sounds like fun! I have cousins who live in Ellsworth (don’t know whether you know where that is). I hope and pray that you will be able to get more sleep ~ GOOD sleep ~ here soon.

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