Sick baby

I haven’t blogged in a while, because Sophie has been pretty sick.  Long story short, she got worse over the weekend (crying in between passing out from sheer exhaustion) and her temperature kept going up, and she was rubbing her face and clearly miserable.  Back to the doctor Monday and she said it was probably a sinus infection.  Asked me to use saline spray often, try a decongestant and if that didn’t perk her up by the end of the day, to get some amoxicillin.  She seemed better by the end of the day so we did not fill it, but night was a new level of hell, so the next day we started it.

It seems that within a couple of doses, she was better than she’d been in a long time.  In fact, she is having so much fun playing that she is refusing to sleep.  And she needs it.  This is what makes me want to rip my eyeballs out with my fingernails.  She was up til 11 pm last night and up at 8 this morning, plus now she has diarrhea from the antibiotics.  She is so tired yet absolutely refuses to sleep.  She napped just under 45 minutes this morning.  She needs to sleep a few hours but I can’t even get 1 hour out of her.

I am glad she is better but now we are back to this shit again.  I can’t win.  No matter what I do.  It just doesn’t ever work out so that I can ever feel better.  Thanks alot.


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