Just can’t get a break

I swear, this is just never ending and our house is cursed.

Sophie woke up yesterday morning early (4 am) with a fever.  Not sure how high it was but she felt pretty warm so I gave her some Motrin and we both went back to sleep.  Yesterday as soon as the medicine wore off, her temp was back up, so we kept on top of it.  She wasn’t showing any other symptoms, except being crabby, so I wasn’t sure what was causing it.  Sometimes they call it “viral syndrome” which is their term for “we don’t know what the hell this is but we’re pretty sure it’s viral so we’ll call it something fancy”.

So last night was pretty much a disaster.  Her diaper came open (I should just start using cloth again at night, at least they don’t pop open when they are pinned shut and inside a snug wool cover!) and her pj’s were wet – so lights on and a change, and she was pretty warm so more medicine.  After all the yelling (cold clothes and she hates changes in general) Daddy helped her get back to sleep.  If you mash all the bits of sleep together for the rest of the night, I *might* have gotten 6 hours, tops.  She woke me up this morning for the day, by screaming, then puking.  She was super hot at this point, and when I checked her temperature, it was almost 104!  I stripped her down, called my husband to turn around and come home, and hoped she’d stop puking so I could give her some Tylenol (fortunately I found out that you can get Tylenol suppositories over the counter).  She only puked that one time, and shortly was nursing and wanting water and kept the Tylenol down just fine.  Slowly she started to cool off, played in my lap a bit, then wanted to sleep.  Changed her 1-pee diaper, gave Motrin, and put her to bed.

My guess is that the fever made her puke.  At least that’s what it seems.  I hope so because if she has another stomach bug, I will probably catch it from her and I sure do NOT want to be puking again!  It feels like I JUST got over the last one!  At least, so far, Will seems fine.  I can deal with 1 sick kid and 1 healthy, but slightly crabby and needy, one.  I know he wants to play with friends and go out and do stuff but I’m not taking her out today.

Someone tell me that one day, I will sleep.  I just cannot even remember what that was like, or imagine it will ever happen again.  Oh what I could do with sleep.  I could do anything.  For now, I will knit.  Knitting is keeping me off drugs, both legal and illegal.  So, I will keep knitting.  Even the most expensive yarn I would want is cheaper than paying for some nice prescriptions, and it won’t get into my milk!


2 thoughts on “Just can’t get a break

  1. Ugh! I hope the poor thing is starting to feel better now! Saturday Liam went through something similar. He was already on antibiodics for somethign he shoved up his nose(!!!!) tearing it all up, which caused a dime sized clot……and he was complaining about not feeling good and I was out at a coffehouse listening to some music and he wouldnt get off my lap and I kept thinking how warm he felt but I thought it was because the coffeehouse was hot and he was snuggled into me so much. Next thing I knew he threw up all over both of us. But it was just that one puke and after that his fever slowly went away. Totally random, but believe me, I was praying like you that I wasnt going to catch it!!

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